Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya produced by Balaji Telefilms has successfully managed to create an impression via its diverse and unique concept. As seen so far, Arjun and Preeta gear up for their wedding. Preeta dresses up as a bride and Rakhi praises her. On the other hand, Arjun also gets ready to marry Preeta, Rishabh meets Arjun before the marriage and asks her to take care of Preeta always.

Meanwhile, Shambhu comes to Prithvi’s house and kidnaps Sherlyn. Shambhu warns Prithvi to return his money or he would kill Sherlyn. Prithvi gets scared and gives him the idea of getting one crore rupees from Luthra house. Prithvi decides to rob money and give it to Shambhu. Prithvi and Shambhu join hands and reach Luthra mansion. They stop Preeta and Arjun’s wedding and demand money.

Now, in the coming episode, Rishabh tries to distract the goons by informing them about an alarm. However, Prithvi manages to understand his trick and manages to stop him. Soon, Prithvi engages in a fight with Sameer and to save him, Arjun starts beating Prithvi. Rishabh and Sameer join Arjun and beat the goons.

Will Prithvi fail in his plan?

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