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In an exclusive conversation with, Rannvijay Singha spoke about his association with Roadies, LIVE auditions, fatherhood and more

Roadies has become a way of life for me: Rannvijay Singha

Rannvijay Singha came to limelight with Roadies back in 2003, and since then he has been a constant part of the reality show, whether as a contestant, a host or as a gang leader. The name of Roadies and Rannvijay go hand in hand since he has been the first one to win the show and after that, no season has been complete without him.

MTV Roadies Revolution current season celebrates the undying zeal of a Roadie coupled with their willingness to bring about tangible progress in society. Due to lockdown, MTV is conducting the first of its kind LIVE auditions ever on social media.

In an exclusive conversation with, Rannvijay spoke about his association with Roadies, LIVE auditions, fatherhood and more.


How has your association been with Roadies so far?

Roadies has been an integral part of my life. It has given me the platform, the position and the resources to take care of my family, to inspire people, to do good in their own ways. I have given my blood sweat, time, effort, creative expertise to this show. With all the injuries and obstacles, Roadies has become a way of life for me and I’m thankful for whatever it has given me. If I am seen relatable to Roadies and MTV wants me to be a part of it because it is giving so many people so much, I will always be thankful for it.

Tell us about the web auditions of Roadies and how do you see it in the future?

For now, I think it is the new reality because a lot of people who come in for auditions for many years now have the opportunity to send in their previous videos and express themselves in front of the judges without standing in lines, from the comfort of their own homes, and in the last one week, we saw all these people, they were just amazing to meet over the internet, to interact with them to see them and go through that whole process of being in front of somebody and asking them a question, get to know them, and see their passion. And I think this is how things would happen in the future. But just to tell you that we have a long-standing property called Roadies Battleground, which is the virtual way of giving people Dodgers and they would win the show and then one of them might knock through by being on Roadies. 

How has your fatherhood experience been? Any special moment with your daughter that you want to share?

I am blessed that I am locked down at my own house with my family and I have nothing to complain about. As much as it is a tough time for many, we should be grateful. Now that I am home, I am getting to do a lot many things which earlier I didn’t get time. I am trying to do a lot of arts and crafts and fun activities with my daughter and try to do physical drills with her, make her jump on foams. As parents, we always try to teach Kainaat (daughter) some new things every day and engage with her in creative ways. I’m happy I’m able to spend so much quality time with her.

 What are you doing during your lockdown period?

I have many passions. There is a thing I wanted to do with the wall.  I wanted to create a wall with lots of different art. So, I did that, it took me two days to finish it. I throw knives, so I have started that, and I put that on my Instagram also, throwing knives at a target. I also throw frisbees, so, I did that. I threw frisbees at different targets in my house. I realized that over a period, we accumulate a lot of stuff. So, I’ve gone through all the clothes that I have, made two three suitcases, now as soon as the lockdown is over or whenever I can, I will send it to people who need clothes. Lots of paperwork has been cleared. A lot of decluttering has happened and apart from that, making content. The one thing that I want to get better at is editing. So, I am looking at some internet editing videos and trying to get that done.

 What do you have to say about your co-mentors on the show?

All four of them- Neha, Nikhil, Raftaar, Prince make for great leaders in their own respective ways. All of them bring something really unique to the table and have their own ways of leading their group. The best part is, all four of them are equally passionate to do something different, season on season and have a lot of fun with each other and with our Roadies fam. I’m glad we all share great amity – on and off camera and make for a lovely team!

 What is exciting about hosting Splitsvilla?

I can’t even begin to list down everything that excites me about Splitsvilla. From innovative concepts to how we get a chance to mold young minds, there is a lot that pumps us up. Sharing our experiences and guiding young minds is one of the best honors we have got. Sunny (Leone) and I share an excellent camaraderie. There is always so much to talk about, be it work and our kids and our friendship has grown over the years and we’re more like a family now.

What has Roadies taught you?

I have been a part of Roadies since the very beginning and the one thing I have been constantly learning is the fact that the voice of the youth matters. They might be young, but they have so much passion and courage and can be so progressive in their thoughts. They have strong opinions and they want to make a change by raising these societal issues. Even during the initial seasons, we had people talking about the rights of the LGBTQ community, eliminating domestic violence, environmental issues and so much more. Roadies made me realise how powerful the youth can be and it makes me proud that as a platform, we have always helped them channelise this energy and contributed by spreading the message to educate the audience.

 Any final message?

Well, with everything that is going on, I hope everyone is safe and well and are taking their precautions as needed and prescribed. It is of utmost importance that we remain patient like we have been for the past two months, even if the lockdown eases to ensure the outbreak doesn’t get worse. Keep making a difference no matter how small you think your impact is going to be, because in the long run that makes a huge difference. Stay Home and Stay Safe.

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