Ansh Bagri who plays the lead in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji will have a behavioural changover in the show and here is Ansh talking about it.

Rocky in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji was never a bad guy; he just had his grey shades: Ansh Bagri

Ansh Bagri who essays the lead role of Rocky in Star Plus’ popular show, Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji produced by Gul Khan and Nilanjana Purkyasstha is happy with the recent changeover that his character has had.

Rocky has been situationally termed as a ‘bad guy’ from the start of the show because of his actions.  And Ansh points out the reality of life that, “While few people who are really close to a person will know that he is really good at heart, certain people owing to the situations they see, might have a different perspective of the same person being bad. This is exactly what has happened with Rocky’s character.”

“So Rocky has been an impulsive guy from the start, but he has always had his emotions in place. He has loved and respected his brother Chintu (Aru K Verma) and has always loved his family. But now, situations have brought his emotional side to the fore. He has not undergone a changeover by heart. But it is just that he has gone through a lot now, and has lost his brother. He has to now fend for his family. Rocky was never a bad guy; he just had his grey shades. He used to take things for granted and used to make mistakes in life. So you can say, Rocky is becoming more responsible and I like this change in him (smiles),” adds Ansh.

“The important aspect now is to see Rocky’s changover and how he adapts to the situations he gets into. It will not be easy for him. His chemistry with Happy (Jasmin Bhasin) will also be something to look forward to. Whe a person does not care to the surroundinfgs, things are different. But when he is deliberately trying to make things right, he will surely face problems. And this is what Rocky will have go through,” the young guy states.

“As an actor, it is always good to put into process the changes that come into the graph. Viewers will see a different Rocky now.”

Way to go, Ansh!!

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