Ankit Bathla who has recently entered Tu Sooraj talks about his role in the show.

My role in Tu Sooraj has given me the room to explore as an actor – Ankit Bathla

Actor Ankit Bathla who is presently seen in a very different role in Star Plus’ popular show Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji (Shashi Sumeet Productions) is happy and feels lucky to have gotten into the show amidst good response coming from fans!!

Says Ankit, “The show has been doing really well and with the premise and story being set, it is usually tough for an actor to get in, especially when he / she is coming in between the love story. Till now, it was the situations that separated Uma and Kanak. But now there is a person between them. But luckily, I have not got any hate comments from fans. In fact, new fans have been added on to the fan base of the show. Few have written that amidst the serious characters of Uma and Kanak, my character provides a new flavour and that Akshay is fun-loving, mature, and youthful.”

“Till now, I have played the serious roles and to play a fun-filled character here is a welcome change for me. Actually, few of the responses I have got are amazing, and people have told me that I really am a good actor. So overall, this role has given me the room to explore,” Ankit states.

Ankit Bathla shares a very close equation with his grand mother in real life and he is happy to replicate that onscreen too. “I am very close to my grand mother and it is real fun to shoot with Bhabho, as we share the same kind of equation.”

Ankit says, “There are lots to look forward to in the upcoming track. Quite a lot of equations will change with the news twists and turns. Loyal fans of the show will go through few shocking moments as and when the developments will happen.”

The talented actor was recently seen in Viu India’s web-series Love, Lust and Confusion. “I had more or less a serious role in the web series too. So all put together, this role in Tu Sooraj comes like a whiff of fresh air for me.”

Ankit we wish you luck!!

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