Candid chat with Adhvik Mahajan

Sana Sayyad and Nyara Banerjee are like family: Adhvik Mahajan

Adhvik Mahajan is not very sure about the future of his Star Plus fantasy show, Divya Drishti. IWMBuzz had earlier broken the news that this weekender Fireworks Production will soon wrap up.

“Our finite series was originally slated to go off air by Aug, but due to good numbers, we have been given an extension. But I am not sure for how long.”

“All said and done, I am very happy to be part of this project, which has successfully fused drama with the horror. Apart from Pishachini’s (Sangita Ghosh) tantra, we have sibling love and a great romance equation between Mr and Mrs Shergil (me and Sana Sayyad). Otherwise, it gets very difficult to sell a supernatural tale sans family.”

“I have got a lot of love and adulations for my effort,” added he.

Looking ahead, Adhvik has no qualms about playing a ghost as well. “For me, what my character brings to the table is more important than billing. No wonder I have played the lead (Bani Ishq Da Kalma) to negative to character roles (Naagin) and now back to lead with Divya Drishti.”

When asked about his bonding with both Nyara Banerjee and Sana in Divya Drishti, he says, “I am very friendly with both. They have become like family. In fact my better half Neha is very close to them, as she was with Shefali Sharma and Neha Bagga during Bani, which again was a 2 sisters show. We hang out together.”

“It is very important to have a cordial working space, lest life become tough,” ended he.

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