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Sana Amin Sheikh talks about her new show Bhootu...

Shuchi and Pihu’s bond will make audience fall in love with Bhootu: Sana Amin Sheikh

Petite and pretty Sana Amin Sheikh, who has enthralled audience in shows like Kya Mast Hai Life, Gustakh Dil, Krishnadasi and a cameo in Naamkarann, will be seen weaving magic as Shuchi in Zee TV’s upcoming show Bhootu.

Sharing her excitement about the show, she shares, “The concept of this show is amazing. Shuchi (my charcater) and Pihu’s (Arshiya Mukherjee) bond will make audience fall in love with the serial. The plot is amazing and as someone who loves to enact romantic scenes, I am hopeful that a love angle will open up in time to come in Bhootu as well.”

Talking about her little co-star Arshiya Mukherjee, the beautiful belle says, “Arshiya is a very professional actor and easy to work with. She is very intelligent. We see kids who work on TV or movies, lose their innocence and get that attitude of being a star. I am glad that both the kids on our show don’t have that attitude. Their innocence is a driving factor for me to work. Arshiya is a star in Bengal.”

She continues, “In our first meet she was observing me. The connect was not instant but later when she started interacting we started cosying up. We have scenes wherein I have to fight with her but she is so cute I don’t feel like shouting at her. My director reminds me about my character that it is supposed to be rude with kids. We both have also gifted each other one thing. She gifted me a bottle and I gave her a Hello Kitty cup. I am always good with kids.”

Sana adds that as they have kids on board they avoid using foul or rude language on sets. “We don’t use bad words or any foul language as we have kids on the sets. We maintain that happy environment.”

Sana further reminiscing tells, “Times have changed. Earlier we were told not to work on shows lest schools rusticate us. I began my career with Hasratein. Arshiya’s mom was telling me that her school is known by her name and they are proud of her.”

When we quiz her on will she allow her kids to act, she quips, “I will not push them into it so it’s upon the kid whatever he/she wants to do.”

Finally on an end note she says that her married life is going smooth.

All the best to Sana and team Bhootu.

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