Gaurav Chopraa speaks on his entry in Star Plus show Sanjivani

Surbhi Chandna is an effervescent and vivacious actor – Gaurav Chopraa

Gaurav Chopraa is very excited about his entry in Star Plus medical drama Sanjivani from tonight.

“The story is taking a three years leap with my new gravitas dominated CFO character who is borderline obsessive about patient health taking center-stage. Mr   Singh will also bring his entire family to the scene, thereby adding more characters to the narrative. The best part of playing him is that unlike strong positive TV characters, his life is much more multi-dimensional.”

Here Gaurav adds that going ahead Sanjivani will now have a brand new story while retaining the ethics vs profits theme.

“Producer Siddharth P Malhotra is working very hard on the new story, hiring fresh writers and has even erected new sets.  If it gains traction, we hope to go beyond the latest three months contract,” adds   Gaurav, who was last seen in Zee TV limited series Aghori.

Here he admits, “Trying to change story midstream is always a risk, but then you need to infuse freshness in the creative business.”

Point out that will the new 6.30 pm slot work and he admits that he does not know much about the early evening time band, “As none of my shows (Uttaran)  has ever aired then. But yes, it has a different younger audience compared to your prime time crowds. Also, we need to accept that our show is doing very well on Hotstar, which gives you the privilege to watch the episode before the telecast time.”

Gaurav is enjoying working with Surbhi Chandna, who he calls an effervescent and vivacious actor. “We have already done a few emotional scenes, and she has impressed me with her efforts. Having played her complex character for a bit, she has got the hang of things.”

We wish him a great stint ahead.

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