TV actress Surbhi Chandna’s many brilliant faces

Surbhi Chandna – The Queen Of Disguises!

Television Actress Surbhi Chandna became the talk of the town, at least as far as telly world is concerned, when she quit playing Annika in TV serial Ishqbaaz. Her character Annika, a khidkitod girl, received a lot of adulation and made her an overnight star on television.

In fact, the news of her quitting the show had her fans rage and rally on social media, many even threatening to boycott the show. Safe to say, she made quite an impact with her performance!

Her performance as Annika was certainly something to take note of. Apart from playing the bold, witty role of Annika, we also saw Surbhi donning various other avatars. And she managed to nail every single one of them.

Surbhi Chandna - The Queen Of Disguises! 1

Every character we saw her in, from Shanno, Kalawati Thakur to Rosie Rani, the actress as played the most unconventional and interesting roles that were a treat to watch. Her ability to get into the skin of any character and be effortlessly convincing is applaudable, so is her capability to switch between two characters in a single show. She owns every single role!

Surbhi Chandna - The Queen Of Disguises! 2

Her original role as Annika won the hearts of many. The girl was blunt, stylish and witty. She was not your typical meek bahu but a strong and independent woman with was not afraid to speak her mind. Unlike the ideal TV bahus involved in kitchen politics, Annika was unbothered by lack of cooking skills. And we loved her for it!

Surbhi Chandna - The Queen Of Disguises! 3

Remember Kumari Rosie Rani? One of her many avatars, Rosie Rani, who played Annika’s twin sister, was the best. Surbhi admitted to having as much fun playing the character, as we did.

Surbhi Chandna - The Queen Of Disguises! 4 Surbhi Chandna - The Queen Of Disguises! 5

Also, how can one forget Shanno ji speaking with a big bunny teeth, which is difficult mind you, in her Mathura ji accent.

Even with so many disguises, she always manages to remain stylish. Case in point, remember when Annika disguised herself as an old worker. With an offwhite ruffle blouse with pink lehenga and floral dupatta, even her villager look grabbed attention. Her role as Kalawati Thakur when she lost her memory was no less exciting.

Surbhi Chandna - The Queen Of Disguises! 6

No matter the kind of role, Surbhi Chandna never fails to impress the audience with her acting chops. We can only wait and see which iconic character she plays next!

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