Handsome hunk Namik Paul is one of the leading television actors. The star, who rose to fame with Ek Duje Ke Vaaste, was seen playing two different characters Shiv and his twin brother Aniket in Zee TV’s show Lag Ja Gale. In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Namik spoke about his journey in the show, difficulties of playing two opposite characters, and more. Read on:

How has this journey been with Lag Ja Gale?

The journey of Lag Ja Gale has been. It’s been very rewarding. We have been shooting back-to-back because it’s my first show that is 7 days on air. I don’t think I have got much time to reflect on it, but just being busy and getting to play Shiv and now Aniket so it’s been amazing.

How difficult was it to essay two opposite characters?

I can’t say it’s difficult because I think difficult is a negative word. It’s a challenge, but it’s been so much fun, especially because the writing has helped out. The scenes were written so well. I was just executing it and putting my own changes on it, that has been fun, and like I said, Shiv also kind of evolved from there. Shiv and Aniket did have almost opposite characteristics but getting to play two characters, it’s been fun. I get to do one scene as Shiv, then you have to change and do another as Aniket. So it’s been a lot of fun.

How does it feel to have bagged an intense character like Aniket in the show?

I knew Aniket would enter the story from the start that was narrated in the first story session itself. But I had no idea what his characteristics would be, or how he would be presented. And when they told me, there was some nervousness. He had that stammer, and his look was going to be different. For whatever reason, I thought he would be the opposite to Shiv in the way that Shiv was, at that point, very intense and angry. So Aniket might be very carefree and fun, but it turned out that he was way more intense than Shiv. The two stories diverged, and both the characters grew. The story helped me a lot. The way his scenes were shot, the way they were written, everything helped make that character stand out.

How has the response been from the audiences on your double role?

The audience reaction has been great. They really enjoyed it. I think he brought a new flavor to the show. I think, at the same time, fans loved the love story that was happening between Shiv and Ishani. People really enjoyed the holy episodes. Later in the story, Aniket falling in love with Ishani and pursuing her, and coming back to Dhoopar house were some high points. Along with that, Shiv and Ishani were also falling in love. Thankfully people seemed to have loved it, and I am very thankful for that.

Which has been the most satisfying phase in your career for you as a performer?

The most satisfying phase of my career is right now. I took a break, and now to come back and do so many different things is amazing. Even before the double role, there were so many different things I got to do in the show. And I don’t think Shiv has ever taken a backseat. From the first episode, audiences have seen his back story. I have gone to perform some really intense scenes. I have no complaints. I am very happy with the writing. I am very happy with the scope I have been given as a performer, and I really have loved coming to work here and doing my scenes.

How is it to shoot with your co-star Tanisha?

Tanisha has been great. You hope people will like your equation with your co-actor, which happened with us. Since our look test, we were told that our scenes were coming out well. Even in the promo, we were told that. The audience liked our scenes together as things went along. She is a co-actor, who is there wherever I want to take the scene to the next level, and hopefully, she will say the same. So there is this spirit of wanting to make the scene as good as possible and doing whatever we can for the show. So it’s been great working with her.

What, according to you, is the USP of Lag Ja Gale?

The USP of the show is that it has a little bit of everything, and it all works well together. If we have family drama, we have thriller elements. Now we have a love story, we have tashan between the two leads. So we have had a little bit of everything. Even in the middle of very high drama, sometimes the drama is broken by some lighthearted moments. So there is a genuine effort to make episodes entertaining for people to have fun when they watch.

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