Mohit Malhotra the talented actor who was last seen in Zee TV's Bhagya Lakshmi, talks about his recent travel trip to Japan and explains how it was to explore this new destination.

The next travel destination on my list is Bora Bora: Mohit Malhotra of Bhagya Lakshmi fame

Actor Mohit Malhotra who was recently seen in Zee TV’s Bhagya Lakshmi says that he loves to travel and explore new places. He adds that he chose to go to Japan sometime back, as he knew that it is not a very popular tourist point and thus, he could explore it away from the crowds.

Talking about his recent travel to Japan, Mohit says, “My last trip was to Japan. I’ve always wanted to go there. It was always on my list to go to. Japan is very beautiful. It’s not a very popular place among the tourists and that’s why I wanted to visit Japan where not everybody goes. I wanted to explore a country which is unique and has great beauty and great nature and incredible culture. The next destination on my list is Bora Bora, I also want to go to Iceland. I think Iceland is on my list first.”

However, he adds that it’s tough to find time for holidays. “I actually agree to that because once you get into that and you’re almost working most of the days and you are not able to get out of it because there’s something one after the other and you actually get so stuck up that you don’t find time. It happens to me every time I go on holiday, I feel, now I’m going to take a longer holiday, but then I realise that I won’t be able to. But when you get to the city, it just overwhelms you and then you get absorbed in the work culture and then it just gets you so absorbed and involved,” he says.

Travelling reduces stress, brings joy and happiness, he says, adding, “Travel can make people feel less stressed and more happy. When you go to new places, try different foods, and experience new cultures, it can make your mind feel excited and create happy memories. Being in a new environment can also give you a fresh way of looking at things, so when you go back home, you feel more energetic and fulfilled.”

Planning a holiday is a different experience for most people. “Well, some people really like to plan every detail of their vacation. They make lists, book everything in advance, and know exactly what they’re going to do each day. On the other hand, there are people like me who just go with the flow. If I feel like taking a trip, I might decide on the spot and figure things out as I go. Both ways have their pros and cons, but it ultimately depends on what makes you comfortable and happy,” he says.