Rati Pandey talks about the journey in the industry, association with Swastik Production, her upcoming project

There was a time when I faced personal and financial hardships: Rati Pandey

Television actress Rati Pandey has spread her magic with her spellbinding performances over the years in shows like Porus, Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai, Miley Jab Hum Tum, Hitler Didi and Begusarai.

Her body of work is clear indications of her versatility. Yet again, Rati will be seen in a Swastik Production show Devi on Dangal. The actress will enact the role of a goddess.

In an in-depth exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Rati talks about the journey in the industry, association with Swastik Production, her upcoming project and more.

You have come a long way indeed…your thoughts on your journey in the industry…

When I look back today, I feel that I still have a long way to go. The journey is still incomplete but I am really proud and fortunate enough as I got such characters which I always wanted to play on screen. I started my professional journey with Tollywood which I never wanted to continue because of homesickness and other issues. Later, when I started doing TV shows. I got to play lead characters in a lot of shows which was remarkable. I was also appreciated by my viewers so I am very proud of myself. However, I still feel there is a lot more to do in life considering no age factor.

You have been winning appreciation for your every role. How does it feel? Share any best compliment received so far?

I remember when Rahul Tewary approached me for Porus, I was not convinced as I had to play a mother’s role. I never realized that it will come out so well. He tried to convince me for 3-4 hours over a cup of coffee. When Siddharth sir started directing it and I saw myself enacting the role, I started living the character and it turned out very well. I was not looking like a mother and had many variations to portray on screen. I was definitely appreciated for my work in Porus but the trendsetters were Miley Jab Hum Tum and Hitler Didi. I am still known as Hitler Didi. I get appreciated by a lot of people but I got the best performer award for Hitler Didi and that tag was a very big thing for me. I was overwhelmed.

You will be back with Swastik show, tell us about that and your association with Swastik Productions?

I consider Siddharth and Rahul Tewary as my family and friends. I am very thankful to them. I know they will be standing by me whenever I call them or whenever I need them. They are very warm people to work with. Whenever I worked with them I never felt that I am working for a producer. We are connected like a family. When they approached me for the show, Devi, I said no because it was a mytho but they convinced me. But I told them no more mytho after this. So we have this kind of connection and a friendly relationship.

Age bar in the TV industry needs to end: Rati Pandey

Tell us about your upcoming show Devi…

This is my first mytho, I would say this because I did a historical show called Porus that was not mytho. I never wanted to take up Devi because of it’s a costume drama. The moment I started shooting I was nervous and not into the track. I use to feel that how Gods usually talk? How should I talk as a Goddess? These questions came to mind because I am a very natural actor hence I feel I can’t do mytho. My team helped me a lot and gradually I got into the skin of the character. While playing the character I got to learn a lot and gained knowledge about the goddess. One more thing that we shoot in croma so there is no outdoor shoot and that is a perk.

As you are continuously doing mytho and historical shows, do you miss daily soap formats?

I don’t miss but I would definitely want to do it. I won’t be sticking around mytho or historical shows. I would also explore the OTT platform and work on some natural stories. There is no ‘no’ for me.

What is the biggest lesson that this industry has taught you over the years?

I have become easy-going while working in the TV industry. I have completed 14 years now and there is a vast difference from the time we used to work before and now. There is so much hate and hurry now. Sometimes you don’t have time for yourself. I feel there would be lesser episodes and lesser time duration so that the actor can breathe and enjoy what they are doing. I feel there has been stagnancy at some point. Like, if Naagin worked on TV, there you will see multiple sequels of the same show which I really don’t like. I also don’t stress myself for TV now.

What has been the most challenging phase in your career?

I was out of work because it was my personal choice. I wanted to experiment with something and also I had certain personal problems which nobody knows. For two years, I stopped showing my face on TV and that was the most challenging phase. Financially also I was low then I started again. I did Begusarai at that time. It was not a challenging but learning experience. I think there are more challenges to come.

What are you doing during the quarantine phase?

Everybody else has time, I feel I don’t have time. I don’t feel I am in lockdown. I miss my family. I have my niece at my place so God has given me this time to enjoy time with my little niece. Also, there is no domestic help now so the time goes while doing all household work. I am enjoying a lot.

Any final message…

I would tell everyone to stay healthy. I would like to request them to follow all instructions led by the government. The only way to fight is by staying home so follow that and be safe. Wait for us to come back so that we can entertain you all by our shows.

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