Sambhavna Seth on being trolled for her Bigg Boss comments

I was trolled for supporting Hina: Sambhavna Seth

Sambhavna Seth’s analysis videos on Bigg Boss have been doing very well. Sambhavna is an ex-contestant with quite a following!

The actress has been neutral about the season sharing her views on the inmates this season.  However, we hear that showing support when someone is right has still lead to trolling on social media this season.

Sambhavna says, “Social media is growing bigger by the day and with it comes its pros and cons. While social media gives us the platform to voice our opinions, trolling is increasing by the day. On several instances for example if I have felt that Hina has been right in what she did, I received hate comments and trolling.  As much as the trollers want me to stop, I am not biased towards any candidate.  When Hina is wrong I will share my opinion as well and when she is right I will too!”

Way to go Sambhavna!!!

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