Mansi Srivastava reacts on the trolls after turning a lizard in Divya Drishti

Trolls don’t affect me because I am doing my job: Mansi Srivastava on turning a lizard in Divya Drishti

Star Plus popular supernatural show Divya Drishti produced by Fireworks Productions and Mukta Dhond has been garnering immense popularity and love from its viewers due to its unpredictable storyline, amazing graphics, and VFX. The ongoing storyline is keeping the audiences hooked to their seats.

Divya Drishti is a tale of two sisters Divya and Drishti who have superpowers. The show stars Nyra Banerjee, Sana Sayyad, Adhvik Mahajan, Mansi Srivastava and Sangeeta Ghosh in the lead roles.

The viewers have seen Sangeeta as Pichachini on the show and they find her quite stylish, funny as well as scary at times! On the show, the viewers must have seen many supernatural powers.

In the recent promo that was released by the channel, the audience saw Mansi Srivastava, who plays the role of Lavanya turning into a lizard. As soon as the promo was out, the actress, makers as well as the channel were trolled miserably by viewers for their bizarre track.

Talking about the track, Mansi, who has turned into a lizard in the show, says, “People have turned into animals and snakes in the past too, there is nothing new in it. Just that they haven’t seen lizard before. I wasn’t aware of the same since the beginning when I signed the show.”

She continues, “I have been a Harry Potter fan always. I have seen people turning into rats and what not, if people can watch that then they should not be so hateful about this too.”

Ask if trolls affect her, she adds, “I have been reading some funny comments on the promo. However, these trolls don’t affect me because I know I am doing my job and there is nothing wrong in it. I also know that how much ever they troll us, they still enjoy watching our show and that’s why we are getting good numbers. Of course, a negative character always gets trolled and hated in a show.”

On an end note, she says, “I just request all to watch the show in a light-hearted way and catch the storyline instead of trolling actors too much. I am actually just trying to do what has been written by the makers and they also write some character or track for the story as they think it can work.”

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