Ruhi Chaturvedi who is having a fabulous display of the character of Sherlyn in Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya in conversation with

TV allows you to learn from your mistakes: Ruhi Chaturvedi

The beautiful and talented Ruhi Chaturvedi, aka Sherlyn Khurrana of Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya, is an example of hard work paying off. Her character, which was first introduced as a cameo, has now gone on to last for over a year and is still running strong. “I am thankful to Ekta Mam for giving me this chance to be both loved and hated in the same breath.”

Says Ruhi, “I really enjoy playing vamp, for you get to do much more than the positive character e.g. Sherlyn behaves different with people (Prithvi, Prita and Kareena aunty), as per her convenience.”

This is Ruhi’s first acting assignment. Prior to this, she was a model. “I have taken part in Miss India Worldwide. But this above profession is very limited in reach, while as Sherlyn Khurrana, I have become well-known.”

“Both the occupations are quite different. As models, we just have to be a hanger for designer clothes sans expressions; but as an actor, you need to show a gamut of emotions day in and day out. Here, I must give full credit to my director, Neeraj Baliyan Sir, who has taught me the ABC of this craft. Even now I remember my first acting scene, where I just had to walk, which should have been a cakewalk given my ramp experience, but it turned out to tougher.”

For the moment, Ruhi is happy with TV. “I have just started, so there is a lot to learn. The best part is that this medium gives you the chance to rectify your mistakes in subsequent episodes. Films, on the other hand, are quite dicey, for you need that one project to click, to get more work.”

When asked about the over the top drama and conspiracy theories which abound in daily dramas, she says, “At first, as a youngster, I too would question that, but now I realize that we do have baser inclinations to know what is happening in other people’s bedrooms and drawing rooms. We might exaggerate a bit, but we are just a mirror to society. No wonder we are liked so much. The constant twists and turns in Kundali Bhagya keep our audiences engaged.”

Besides TV, she would also be game for bold web series. “I never get this squeamishness; on the one hand, we want to stick to maryada, yet crib about why India is unable to create international level web series.”

Here, she attributes her openness to her modelling days, which widened her horizons.
“Coming across varied people during our frequent travel days makes us more accepting of different thought processes.”

Way to go, Ruhi!!

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