Surbhi Chandna is one of the most desirable television actresses and crossing the 2 million followers mark, she became our Instagrammer of the week!

TV Instagrammer of the week: Surbhi Chandna

Instagram is one of the most desirable social media platforms, especially for all the television celebs and their fans, who simply love watching the scoops of their favorite celebrities. Though recently, we are certain that everywhere on Insta, you will hear the name Surbhi Chandna only, as she crossed the 2 million followers zone.
The actress is known mostly for her smashing character on the show Ishqbaaz, she was still a pretty big hit on television for her candid acting skills, her gorgeous demeanour and her style file that every fan wanted a page out of.

After Ishqbaaz it felt like the actress has taken a break from her television career but we didn’t have to wait for long to see her! Surbhi managed to still keep her fans to herself and update them with her dazzling pictures on social media every now and then. Her pictures are still a hit on social media platforms like Instagram and we can’t get enough of this fashion icon. Her fashion sense has also always left us in awe of this pretty lady and we always wait to see more of her wardrobe, because it gives us amazing #stylefiles and apparently, #ootd that is ‘outfits of the day’.

She recently shared a couple of pictures thanking her fans, expressing her gratitude for showing her so much love and support.

She celebrated this joyful occasion with balloons and cakes. Her exact caption to highlight this day was, “Immense Gratitude Fam Thank you for this DAY This is Magnificent. I am going to make it a point to converse more Exchange Ideas – Views and try to keep it positive around here #2millioninstagramfamily #2mscinstafamily #scians #blessed #keepthelovecoming.”

Her co actresses in Ishqbaaz, Mansi Srivastava and Shrenu Parikh also congratulated her for achieving this landmark!

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