Meghna Malik aka Ammaji who has got back to entertain viewers with Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani talks about her new show and role.

If TV does not change soon, it will start losing viewers to the web – Meghna Malik

Meghna Malik is excited about her comeback as Ammaji in Colors show Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani. “My character this time around is different but not in terms of power and commitment to society. Now she is a torch bearer and crusader, inspiring people around to find their own voices. She is much more colourful in terms of her costumes and outlook to women’s position in society.”

Ask her if sequels are a good idea and whether it will work and she states, “I never knew if the first part would be successful as well; no one knows what clicks and what does not. If that was the case, everybody would only make hits. Our job is to make a good product. The team feels that Ammaji will be loved even now, hence we are making one try. There is a very interesting story to be told. Rest is up to the audiences.”

“The biggest challenge is to tell a progressive story in which we don’t want to show weak women and if they are, we want to them change. The setting also has to be very contemporary, talking about our system which sometimes fails us. All this has been beautifully woven in our narrative”, explains the veteran actor.

Talking about her journey, Meghna who has also done shows such as Radha ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhanyegi and Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai etc says, “I have been lucky to get varied stuff, no wonder after Laado I also got to play a sophisticated lady in Dahleez. Having said that yes, I too have been a victim of type casting. No wonder I am back with Laado 2. ”

“Na Aana Is Des Laado changed the ball game for me, and I must thank Colors and Shakuntalam Telefilms for the love, respect and adulation. The success gave me confidence. Having said that the struggle to do better and more juicer stuff continues.”

“The biggest continuing tragedy afflicting TV is that you have young girls entering the family as bahus and making huge decisions which only company CEOs can do. There are no strong characters written for women over 35, thus forcing talented artists who don’t want to compromise with content to sit at home.”

Meghna is hopeful that digital audiences will change the ball game, “For there the youth finds relevant content. If TV does not change soon, it will start losing viewers to the web. Today’s narratives are changing, new techniques are evolving and changing and even audience attention spans are reducing. But yes, this flux will give a second lease of life to the above actors who were not on the same page with current small screen dynamics.”

Way to go, Meghna!!


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