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Vaishali Takkar the lead of Manmohini 2 faces her shares of Rapid Fires.

Vaishali Takkar REVEALS about her lockdown transformation

Vaishali Takkar the young and energetic actress who was last seen as the lead in Manmohini 2 has given some good performances in shows Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Yeh Vaada Raha, Sasural Simar Ka, Super Sisters, Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara etc.

She has come a long way and never shies away from attempting roles that are out-of-the-box.

In a candid talk over Rapid Fires, Vaishali Takkar talks her heart out.

Check here:

Would you date a fan?

Hahaha.. I can’t date anyone else now; I am already committed

How would someone get your special attention  

By trying not to seek attention, just be real and talk friendly.

Describe yourself as a teenager in 3 words  

Sensitive, Stubborn and Short-tempered

Are you a Tattoo person, if yes where 

I am not a tattoo person but I want to get one tattoo done on my wrist someday. And it will be my “Life Mantra” that I follow.  

The craziest thing done during lockdown 

I cut my own hair for a transformation. It surprisingly turned out cool.

Your wildest dream  

Have many! But “getting lost on an island for some time” tops the list.

What would be your superpower

I want to be able to appear for help every time an innocent is being tortured

Best gift ever received 

My beloved ones are the best gifts I have received from God.

Your message to fans

Please don’t be careless about the spread of corona even if the lockdown is relieved, and take necessary measures. We have to protect ourselves at every step. We’ll all win one day.

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