Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya, the show of Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut is the next successful TV show to be made into a film for Star Plus’ Ankahee Dastaan.

The show which paired Pooja Gor and Arhaan Behll recently aired on Star Bharat in its second edition. Now, Krishna and Pratigya are back in action on Star Plus with the movie.

We at talked to Arhaan about the film and what viewers can expect to see.

Says Arhaan, “It’s been just a month since we wrapped up Season 2, and nostalgia was not at all expected but surprisingly, it hits every time we shoot for this show. The day we shot on Pratigya’s set, that heavy ‘we were here’ emotion spiked up.”

Ask him if there were heavy feelings as Season 2 of the show did not fare as well as it was expected, and Arhaan explains, “By now, we have all learned not to get affected by the result or the success of the show, be it high or low. We, as a team enjoyed working together after so many years and always focussed on our respective parts. This time it was too intense and we all tried our best to deliver how we planned. Rest is anyway never in our control.”

On his learnings over the years of playing the role of Krishna, Arhaan cites, “I have learned to unlearn over all these years, as the biggest challenge playing the same character more than twice is to present it with some freshness. The character has to be evolved, keeping the USP intact. So unlearning has been an important tool. in this journey.”

On what viewers can expect from Ankahee Dastaan, Arhaan sums it up saying, “As the title ‘Ankahee Dastaan’ suggests, there will be an untold incident, presented in a different style. Viewers should treat the film as an individual part, shouldn’t be compared to season 1 or season 2. Even the timeline would be irrelevant. Same characters, familiar backdrop, yet a standalone project.”

Overall, on the idea of churning films out of successful TV shows, Arhaan likes the idea and says, “I think its a good idea. Bringing back the shows and presenting them as a 2 hours film gives ardent viewers a chance to reconnect and enjoy what they once loved in a new format.”

Best of luck, Arhaan!! Watch the film on 17 November, at 9 PM on Star Plus!!