Producer Yash Patnaik’s (Beyond Dreams) successful show Jaana Na Dil Se Door has the handsome actor Vikram Singh Chauhan as Atharva.

Vikram shares his weakness and strong factors as an actor.

He says,”Weakness could be that in daily soaps you don’t get much time, so you really have to be quick in your game. At times I need more time to learn my lines and get into the scene. Not getting much time does bother me sometime. And the strong factor is that I am never satisfied with my work, so there is no comfort zone, which makes me better. Whatever I do, I think that I have not done enough so the dissatisfaction makes me more hardworking.”

Speaking on his most memorable character and also the show Vikram says,”The most memorable character was Virat Singh Thakur which I played for Million Dollar Girl. The character had lot of variations and full of drama in his life. I really like those kinds of characters which has lot of emotional baggage.”

Vikram shares that he takes time to play his role on the camera. He throughly follows director’s instructions. He adds,”I really need to understand the character well before I can portray it so director’s help is always required because he is the best man to guide me for what exactly he is looking in the the shot. And I do give my inputs as well as an actor. I think the director and actor should work hand in hand to get out the best from each other. So yes I am a director’s actor.”

Well done, Vikram!!!