Akash Jagga the newbie actor who has made his debut with Kasautii Zindagii Kay believes that irrespective of all the competition coming from the medium of OTT, television will always have the connect with audience.

Says Akash, “I guess there will always be an audience for television. I have seen many people who like watching TV shows with their families, rather than watch stuff online on their phones. Yes, it’s true that many interesting shows are now available on digital platforms, and OTT content can be watched on TV screens as well. Despite all this, each platform has its audience and that’s not going to change.”

While Akash is optimistic about the future of TV, he is an avid watcher of OTT shows. Ask him to list a few favourites and he gushes, “I recently watched Dark, which is a German series. It is totally different and confusing. I also finished watching Bandish Bandits — I have seen nothing like it before. And, of course, I’m a huge fan of Naseer saab (Naseeruddin Shah). My other favourites are Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Money Heist. I also love watching romcoms — Friends and How I Met Your Mother are my all-time favourites.”

The actor, who has been part of theatre, says that he would like to be a part of interesting content on OTT platforms. But, will he be comfortable with the bold content and nudity on digital platforms? “Well, it totally depends on the script. Secondly, I’m at a very early stage of my career, so I need to know what projects to do and what not to. Also, I want to do something that my entire family can watch together without feeling awkward. But then again, as an actor, everything depends on the script and the requirement of a particular scene,” he signs off.