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Vidhi Pandya popularly known as Imli of Udaan gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.com.

I want to do something that pulls me out of my comfort zone: Vidhi Pandya

Vidhi Pandya the talented actress who won hearts for her powerful portrayal as Imli in Udaan is presently working on her fitness to get into shape for her next big role and show!!

Says Vidhi, “I had let myself loose for the last three months. Now I have pulled up my socks and working a lot on my fitness. Regular work outs, a correct diet and a proper routine of life are my priority right now.”

Ask her what will be her next thought on work and she states, “I am a person who will want to go with the flow. Imli for me as an individual has set a benchmark with respect to the variations. I really want to do something upwards and onward and not something just for the sake of getting back.”

Vidhi will be game to reality shows too. “I am now working a lot on my fitness. I have always been a fitness freak. So Khatron Ke Khiladi and even Bigg Boss are fine for me. Anything that will prompt me to come out of my comfort zone is what I want to do.”

In television, she feels that good concepts always end up being transformed into what viewers want to see. “Since every concept on TV gets molded into what can get TRP, I am not looking at one kind of genre. For me as an actor, I will want to do something I have not done before.”

A special message to her fans is what Vidhi has to give. “They have kept patient and have been waiting for my comeback. Their love has brought me to a point where I want to get back in good shape and look for my next. I want them to be bit more patient. I will get back with a good role soon.”

Best of luck, Vidhi!!

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