I wanted to play Arjun and did not want to analyze on the pros and cons: Kinshuk Vaidya

Kinshuk Vaidya talks about the recent revamp in Karn Sangini and on his way of playing the role.

I wanted to play Arjun and did not want to analyze on the pros and cons: Kinshuk Vaidya

Talented actor Kinshuk Vaidya is not bothered right now about the break that he has gotten from the Star Plus show, Karn Sangini (Shashi Sumeet Productions).

Says Kinshuk, “It was always supposed to be Urvi’s story and it will pan out to be that. As of now, the Pandavs are leading their life in exile and this will mark our absence from the present track. It was always to be played out in this way.”

Kinshuk who has recently purchased a new house is now using his free time to have his house done. “I had planned my house work to happen around this time so that I can devote my time on it. So I am occupied and keeping myself busy.”

Getting back to the show and track, he states, “Most of the viewers know the vanvaas story. The concept here is about Urvi’s love life. And it makes sense to concentrate on that. We were always aware of this break coming.”

Ask him if he regrets taking up this role as it involves less of screen time, and he states, “Not at all. I don’t categorize roles. Above all, this is Arjun’s character, and it is very challenging. The biggest challenge is that people have seen many actors play Arjun. So the challenge was to play the character well. I am happy with the feedback that I have got. Basically, I wanted to play Arjun and did not want to analyze the pros and cons. I am very happy that people have accepted me as Arjun.”

On the numbers not coming as expected, he avers, “Number game is always not in our hand. You have recently seen an Amitabh Bachchan and an Aamir Khan starrer film not doing well at the box office. It is not necessary that it is important to be good on numbers. Personally, I am enjoying playing Arjun. Yes, if numbers are not converted, it is demoralizing. As actors, we keep our focus on the work on hand.”

Ask him if viewers who are so aware of the story of Mahabharat found it hard to accept a fictionalized character in Urvi and he states, “You cannot say that. I am not sure though. The best person to answer this will be the channel and research team. Having said this, Tejasswi is doing a great job as Urvi.”

Kinshuk will also work on few short films in the near future to satisfy his hunger for creative roles.

Before ending, Kinshuk gives out a confident answer saying, “Pandavs should be back soon in the show.”

Wish you luck, Kinshuk!!

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