Ankur Nayyar, who plays the role of Amresh Makwana in Star Plus' Pandya Store gets talking about his character's actions and whether they are justified or not. Read his thoughts here.

When you get the love and adulation of the audience, you know that you have hit the right note as an actor: Ankur Nayyar of Pandya Store fame

Ankur Nayyar who has portrayed versatile roles all through his career is presently acing it in the role of Amresh Makwana, in Star Plus’ long-running show Pandya Store. Amresh Makwana is the head of the Makwana family, and has lived his life by leading by example before his family members. The line drawn by him can never be crossed, and his words can never be debated upon. However, Amresh’s lifestyle sees a sea change when he decides to get his younger brother Dhawal Makwana (Rohit Chandel) married to Natasha Pandya (Priyanshi Yadav).

In a conversation with, Ankur expresses his happiness playing the character.

Pandya Store completed 1000 episodes recently. “Yes, We are enjoying every episode that has come by. We have just completed 1000 episodes. It is a great feat that the show has achieved. Everyone has contributed to achieving such a big landmark. Thanks for all the wishes.”

Talking about the traits of Amresh Makwana, Ankur avers, “I love this character of Amresh Makwana. As an actor, I enjoy every bit of it. When you enjoy what you are doing, you can give 100 per cent to the role. I am getting a great response also for the show. That’s the ultimate thing for an actor. Once you get the love and adulation of the audience, that’s when you can say that one has hit the right note. I and grateful to the makers for allowing me to play this character.”

Ask him if Amresh’s actions are justified, and Ankur opens up on how life has been for the character that he plays. “Amresh as a character is authoritative. He is someone who has achieved everything from scratch. He never had a childhood. He started working at a very young age. If you look at the graph of Amresh, he has faced all the hardships all through his career. If you look at such a person, he becomes rough and tough, and his perceptions towards life and relationships change. He is much stronger as a person compared to those who are born with a silver spoon. Being the head of the family, and knowing the fact that he is the one who has done it all, Amresh commands a certain respect and believes that whatever he has decided, should be respected. When he has treated his brothers and sister like his own kids, he certainly has that authority over them too. It is important to understand that as the head of the family, he needs to balance out everything. He has his own ethics, rules and regulations as his family is conservative. He has his own outlook owing to a lot of situations that he has faced in life. So if you ask me, his actions are justified. For me as a performer, only if I see that my character is justified, I can give my 100 per cent to the role.”

“Amresh’s acts are justifiable owing to his upbringing. He could have taken Pandya Store forcefully, but he chose not to trouble anyone. Rather, he got his brother married to the girl. Later, when he gets to know about the girl’s independent nature which can negatively influence the ladies of the house, he decides to send he off. So all said and done, Amresh knows what he is doing,” he further adds.

On his favourite sequence from the show, Ankur quips, “If you tell me to pick up one sequence, it is very hard for me. A lot of sequences have been very good. Manipulating Sumanji to convince her for the marriage, scenes with Dolly’s father, scenes with Hetal and the ones with Natasha, scenes where Amresh gets angry and aggressive, all have been great. The graph of Amresh Makwana has been very good. If I have shot 100 scenes till now, I have loved as many as 97 scenes. This is the kind of happiness that I derive. The best part is that the execution of the well-written scenes is very good.”

His takeaways from the role are, “Being the head of the family, there are a lot of things that he needs to handle. The character has to have leadership qualities and handle it diplomatically too. You have to have your way out without being rude and hurting people. These are the takeaways that I want to learn from Amresh.”

Lastly, Ankur credits the entire team, including the cast and crew for all their efforts. “The 1000 episodes completion is the first of many landmarks that we have seen in the show. Every team associated with the show is working unanimously to give their best. We wish we surge higher in ratings in the coming time.”

Best of luck!!