Yesha Rughani has no time for love

Yesha Rughani talks on career and love

Yesha Rughani has no time for love

Yesha Rughani featuring in Zee TV show Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Moree, admits that the constant time-slot changes that her Jai Mehta production is enduring is a challenge. This show, which first began in the 7 pm slot, was shifted to the 10.30slot, before being shunted back to its current 6.30 pm slot. “This drastic change in time, from early evening to late night and back, disrupts your audience profile, compelling us to repeatedly start from scratch. However, the silver lining is that we get new audiences as well. Let’s hope we do well here as well.”

At a time, when most shows are shutting down in a matter of a few months, Jeet Gayi have been continuing for nearly a year. “Yes, apart from a good story and great acting, what also plays an important role in any show’s survival is the positive vibes on set. Bad aura, on the other hand, pushes a show towards a quick demise.”

Talking about essaying both mother and daughter characters, she quips, “Double roles are a part and parcel of our industry. Over time, Devika is becoming more and more like her mother, Devi.”

Yesha, who was a fashion designer before turning to the arc lights, does not want to get in destiny’s way by plotting her future.“I prefer to go with the flow. So far, my stars have shown me the right path. No wonder, I am here and loving it.”

Interestingly, Yesha, who herself only watches web, is not very gung-ho about doing the same. “I am quite blessed to be doing a medium which allows me to bring a smile to people’s faces. Our emotional rollercoaster appeals to a cross-section of audiences, across age and social barriers. Having said that, I might do web if something really juicy comes my way. An actor should be open for all kinds of stuff.”

In closing, Yesha smartly deflected the question about romantic love, by giving the standard “I don’t have time” line. She also does not have a wish list for her ideal guy, “For there is no such thing as perfection.”

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