Mohsin Khan is one of the most talent d and hardworking actors that we have in the Hindi TV industry. It’s been many years now that Mohsin Khan has been a part of the Indian entertainment industry and well, that’s why, we genuinely love and admire him all the time. While Mohsin Khan has been a part of the Hindi TV industry for many years, without any element of doubt, his biggest ‘claim to fame’ has to be Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai where he’s truly had a blast. His on-screen chemistry with Shivangi Joshi was loved by one and all and well, that’s exactly why, he became an A-lister in the Hindi TV industry within a really short span of time.

Check out how Mohsin Khan once took inspiration from Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic step in a music video

The thing with fans of Mohsin Khan is that come what may, Mohsin Khan always love to shower his fans and admirers with a lot of love. Although he’s not doing TV shows right now, he’s grabbing attention for his good quality work in music videos. Well, right now, Mohsin Khan fans spotted this cute moment when he took inspiration from Shah Rukh Khan and actually slayed the entertainment pose like a pro. Want to check it out? See below folks –

View Instagram Post 1: YRKKH Special: When Mohsin Khan posed in Shah Rukh Khan style to woo girls

Well, absolutely super cute and adorable, right folks? Here’s hoping and praying that we get to see Mohsin Khan in a show very soon. Well, let us know all your views in the comments section below and for more updates, stay tuned to