It’s a rising trend of popular yesteryear TV shows making a comeback...

Resurrection: Popular TV titles make a comeback

It was late in the day when a news reporter in the den of IndianWikiMedia mentioned about popular comedy show Khichdi making a comeback on small screen.

The talk immediately created bubbles of nostalgic memories in the mind’s eye, transporting us back to days of yore when ‘classics’-the word- was still a part of Indian television dictionary.

Once emotions walked passed the gates, sense popped a query, “Many older titles are making a comeback…did you realize?

Well, it’s true. Television has seen a phenomenon of reality shows running over and over again, season after season, catering to loyal audience base, however, in recent times popular fiction shows have made it back to TV.

Iss Pyaar Ko season 2, Khichdi, Qubool Hai 2 (talks are on), Laado 2, Sajan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai (on web) are some mentioned titles.

Some have worked, some failed to engage, but the point is, the trend is picking pace.

So what could be the possible reason of the sudden deluge of the revivals?

Television, as a content space, is in a state of flux, oscillating between possibilities and belief, tackling competition from within and the Gargantuan digital medium.

In an attempt to keep the nose ahead in the race, shows are being doled out like factory products, which often wear the same label and feel, making it difficult to differentiate one from the other.

In the ratings chart, still, shows which were launched at least a year (or two) back hit the sweet spot. On and off a new endeavour displays some spark of brilliance, however, soon fizzles not being able to withstand the test of time.

None manage to emboss their title in golden letters in the coveted “classics’ genre.

In such a scenario, which fast cuts from being brave to bleak, content creators are summoning the connect, charm and credibility of yesteryear popular shows to rake up ratings. Superhit past serials have pedigree, faith of performance, relatable storyline, known actors… which give legs to prospect for a longer run.

There is no harm in the thought process, nothing to criticise. The phenomenon has emerged as a norm in the West. However, the idea to bring back the classics should not germinate as an afterthought, as a fallback option to fill the vacuum of audience acceptance.

New concepts should be curated better to ensure its survival in the competition first, then constant innovation and upgradation should act as catalyst to create new age ‘classics’.

The saying ‘old is gold’ is true, but the key is ‘variety’ to add some spice.

Let’s sum it up with the phrase, “If youth knew, if age could”.

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