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Review: Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot on &TV

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot is a new attempt at humour in India, thanks to &TV. The story about a head strong lady who regards herself as Lord Krishna’s wife and how she will turn into a ghost is interesting and unique.

Sarita Joshi is the perfect fit as the matriarch of the family.   Kudos to the channel and producer JD Majethia (Hats Off Productions) for not falling to done & dusted stories but fusing mytho with family drama, a ploy which worked great for the channel with Santoshi Maa as well.

Apart from Sarita, talent power house Apara Mehta adds her punch as the dim-witted but crooked sister-in-law Rekha. It’s endearing to see Apara’s character romancing with her on screen husband, as they say ‘romance does not die with age’.

The canvas is full of other vibrant characters, each having its own quirks, but none has managed to stand out so far. Rohan, who plays smart guy (Aditya) in the family, is in love with the airhostess and displays promising streaks. Also newbie Zara, who Rekha wants Aditya to get married to, is good as the vamp Bindu as well. Her dad (Tusshar Kapadia) is one other strong negative character to watch out for.

The swarg lok scenes are fun. Heaven is modern with Narad speaking in English and poor Yamraj facing HR issues. Amit Verma is doing a fine job as the good looking and cute Krishna.

Moving on, the hour long episode gets a bit draggy at times, however, the swarg sequences add a bit of frivolity. The show also takes a dig at our rural society, which still considers women unlucky if their husband’s die on marriage day (Bakula is one of them).

The part when Krishna is scared to bring Bakula to heaven and therefore condemns her to ghost hood is interesting. It would be fun to see how the creative team further develops this currently unfolding track.  We can expect much more entertainment in the coming weeks when Bakula would turn a ghost and mar Rekha’s nefarious intentions.  The story also offers a lot of scope for sending positive messaging across to society in a fun away.

& TV needs this show to fire to really shoot up its over GRPs.  Here, Bakula could be just what the doctor ordered, for it speaks to core women audiences. Also it is unabashedly Gujarati just like Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai has a Uttar Pradesh tone. Regional touch is fun for you can really play around with the language and mannerisms.

IndianWikMedia would rate 3 out of 5 stars to this ticklish effort. Do check out the episodes.

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