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Review of Colors' Bahu Begum: Good concept but hackneyed plot

The success of Zee TV Muslim social, Ishq Subhan Allah, has seen this genre make a comeback. After Sufiyana Pyaar Mera (Star Bharat), Colors brings a new show, Bahu Begum, which deals with the sensitive issue of polygamy.

Right upfront, we wish to congratulate the makers (LSD Films) for making it very clear that multiple marriages by Muslim men are allowed only under special circumstances and that some men do misuse this Islamic precept.

The story is interesting in the sense that lead guy Azaan (Arjit Taneja) hates polygamy and yet one day will have to wed twice.

The setting is Nawabi Bhopal, where you have Razia Begum (Simone Singh), who was dumped by her husband for another woman. She loves her son Azaan, whom she sends outside for education.

Badi Begum is a very sweet lady who gives full respect to her house help (Supriya Shukla), who has been with her through thick and thin.

But yet, will any true blue-blooded family accept a daughter-in-law who is not up to their status? This is exactly what happens when Begum decides to choose the former’s daughter Noor (Samiksha Jaiswal) for Azaan, without even asking him. Noor is your normal poor girl, wanting power and pelf. She is not bad, but acts without thinking; for example, she wrongly blames someone for touching her.

As fate and TV serials go, Azaan digs someone else. Enter Shahrya (Daina Khan). Noor is more hurt at losing her position than losing Azaan, whom she does not love.

But yes, Azaan and Noor, being childhood buddies, are very close.

One thing we did not get was how come Shahrya did not get jealous of seeing Azaan and Noor’s proximity. Is it not human nature to be insecure? Also, they did not dwell on the promise made by Razia Begum. Normally this template is always used to the hilt.

Azaan beats up a guy who talks ill about his mom and supports polygamy.

The negative action will be provided by Azaan’s chacha (Mohammad Nazim) and chachi (Amrapali Gupta) and their dim-witted son who loves Noor. But she humiliates him, asking him to take a walk.

The scene where Azaan bats for women’s rights (mother’s name in Nikkah nama) was good and showed that women empowerment and tradition can go hand in hand.

The real story will pan out once Azaan is forced to go against his grain to marry Noor as well, due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Hope they focus more on what Shahyra feels before granting permission to hubby to remarry, as also Azaan’s self battle.

All said and done, the story seems ok so far. But honestly, I would have preferred a more mature drama. The current plot is very much been there done that.

Arjit is acting well. So far, we have mostly seen only his romantic side. We would love to see his emotional graph as well. I hope the writers don’t give him too much melodrama-wala lines to get attention. Today’s youth does not have time for OTT stuff, period.

As per the script, Samiksha is getting the juiciest scenes and the most attention (Shahyra buys her friendship with gifts). This Zindagi Ki Mahek gal is doing her job well. But again, can a mere servant’s daughter talk so much? I am not saying that she should not have feelings; but yet, society does not give you that space. To be honest, though, they did show Razia Begum giving her that extra leash.

Samiksha brings nuance to a role that could have easily been one-tone with no redeeming quality.

Also, Supriya’s character is not clear. How come she is so blasé at whatever has happened? Agreed, she can’t speak out against her mistress, but they could have shown some straight talk between mother and daughter.

Diana’s character is prototype white. Methinks, she could have done a better job, but yes, it takes time for acting skills to really blossom.

Mohammad Nazim’s character is not really standing out so far. Luckily for Amrapali, her takiya kalam adds some weight to her evil character persona.

Last but not the least, Simone Singh, past master of the Muslim social genre (remember Heena?), brings out the grace of the Begum with aplomb. Her dialogues have that royal restraint.

Colors needs this show to fire very badly, with most of its recent properties not working. They had tried to go the supernatural way big time. Now they are trying to return to good old family drama.

Hope producer Prateek Sharma is able to deliver on the ratings with Bahu Begum, unlike Sufiyana Pyaar Mera, which is quite low.

The show has the required ingredients to succeed.

2.5/5 is our rating for Bahu Begum

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