Colors' Pishachini Review.

Review of Colors’ Pishachini: A cliched ghostly concept with effective presentation

Pishachini like any other novel horror drama show on television has all the visual effects and graphics perfectly in place to provide for the scary ambience. However, the story plot yet again remains the same, that of an enchantress cum ghost living on to seek revenge.

The gorgeous-looking girl with the evil and zombie side to her is Rani who has her roots firmly placed in a particular land zone in Bareilly. The Rajput clan which is a joint family of a few brothers and their families, have bought the same land with their hard-earned money and are now erecting their house on the land. Here starts destruction and bloodshed as the Pishachini unleashes all of her might to send them off the land. However, her intentions are put to a halt when the pandit who is close to the Rajputs finds a way to capture the ghost in a sandook which he buries.

But the evil vested interests of one of the sons in the Rajput clan see the sandook being taken off the buried land. This facilitates the escape of the ghost. But unfortunately, she is trying her best to get back to Bareilly. The story plot takes a 20 odd years leap wherein the ghost now finds means to lure the Rajputs to take her back to Bareilly. The means for the ghost is to trap a man from the family in love and execute her plan.

The post leap introduces Pavitra and Rocky. Pavitra is the granddaughter of the pandit who had captured the ghost in the sandook. Now the girl is following the dying request of her grandfather to arrest the ghost’s activities. Pavitra is special as she is blessed by Bajrangbali and has a divine sign on her hand. She has the powers that an ordinary man does not have. She has set foot on her mission to capture the ghost again.

Rocky who is the next generation Rajput is flirtatious and has his stylish ways to lure girls. But for Rani the ghost, she sees him as the pawn and trump card to get back to her land.

The story has been pacey and has been well shot. But we have to say that there is no newness in the plot and storyline. At the end of it, all the ghostly tales appear the same. Having said this, we have to admit that there is a big traction for such stories, especially if the narrative is gripping with hardcore VFX presentation. Pishachini excels in this department and has everything that will keep audiences glued.

Coming to the cast, Harsh Rajput is a good actor. However, we wonder why he has been picking up shows that hover around the fantasy and ghostly ambience. After Nazar, he looks repetitive in this genre. Also, his flirtatious nature looks too caricaturish to believe.

Nyrraa M Banerji is thriving big time in this titular role of Pishachini. She has the aura to look the perfect ghost. She is doing all that she can in the right way. Jiya Shankar certainly has this calming influence that she brings into her character. This is a role where she can learn and grow as a performer.

The cast that comprises of the Rajput family is good. The intrigue factor about Pishachini’s past and what she has done to Prateek’s family of course is alluring.

Apart from the fact that all the ghost tales have similar plots, Pishachini has succeeded in creating interest.

We at credit the show with 3 stars out of 5.