The new show Suhagan Chudail has proven to be just what the television channel Colors needed to boost its ratings. Colors has always been known for its strong supernatural and fantasy content, and Suhagan Chudail is no exception. This show has added another successful example to its portfolio, starting off on the right foot. It has attracted a lot of attention, especially since the announcement of Nia Sharma’s return to television. Nia Sharma, who is both versatile and popular, is taking on her first negative role in this show, which has definitely piqued the interest of many viewers.

Alind Srivastava and Nissar Parvez’s Peninsula Pictures specializes in the genre of fantasy and supernatural thrills, and the production house has not left any stone unturned in launching a gripping project.

Talking about the concept, the viewers are introduced to a vicious Chudail who kills her 15th husband and is on the threshold of immortal beauty and power. With every killing, she acquires a particular ‘shringaar’ (adornment) that is the ultimate pride of every married woman (suhagan). The Chudail will turn immortal with the sacrifice of her 16th husband, which will give her the ultimate shringaar of the ‘sindoor’.

This opens up the broad concept of the show, the tussle between the good and the evil, as attaining the 16th power is a herculean task for the chudail, considering that the man’s lover has an equally powerful side to her that threatens the intentions of the chudail, keeping her at bay.

The show’s cinematography needs to be commended. It has been mounted on a very large scale, with the shoot happening at real locations, like that of the desert, that adds a new flavour and vibe to the setup. The picturesque haveli, Nishigandha’s vicious side are the added attractions in the show which have been captured well.

Coming to performances, this show will be remembered as the great comeback vehicle for Nia Sharma in TV fiction. She has read the challenges in the character well, and is doing an extremely justifiable job in the skin of the Suhagan Chudail. A special mention to her sensuous beauty, graceful appeal and the hotness she exudes, Nia deserves all the praise for her swell job!!

Zayn Ibad Khan is the perfect man to match Suhagan Chudail’s beauty. Zayn comes across as a good performer, dashing and hot in his looks and the typical lover boy needed for the plot.

Debchandrima Singha Roy is new to Hindi TV, but is a confident performer, having proven her mettle in the Bengali circuit. As the non-compromising, devoted lover Deeya, she completes the impactful triangle in the plot and adds a new flavour.

Zayn – Nia’s striking chemistry is sizzling. Their romance in the desert and rain proved to be one of the highlight moments of the first week. Debchandrima and Zayn’s love story exhibits the power and maturity needed to fight the ultimate evil power.

The show is backed by good performers Dinesh Mehta, Jyoti Mukherjee, Sachin Khurana, Aradhana Sharma, Vikram Singh Rathod and others who are effective in their portrayals.

Colors has chosen the late-night time slot of 10:30 PM for this intriguing supernatural concept, which appears to be fitting for the theme. In its first week, the story has unfolded rapidly, delivering an abundance of drama and showcasing impressive visual effects.

The show has all the elements necessary to become a game-changer for the channel! Suhagan Chudail is a captivating and unique addition to the current lineup of Hindi TV shows on GECs.

We at credit 3.5 stars out of 5 for Suhagan Chudail.