IWMBuzz.com reviews the Star Plus show Aankh Micholi. The show has Khushi Dubey, Navneet Malik and Hitesh Bhardwaj in lead roles. It is produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions.

Review Of Star Plus’ Aankh Micholi: Promising Show With Adept Characters

Aankh Micholi the newest presentation of Star Plus produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions, reminds the audience of the classic tale of Diya aur Baati Hum. The broad concept of the lead girl aspiring to join the IPS services is the underlying similarity between both shows. Also, Diya aur Baati Hum was adept with the Rajasthani culture. And in Aankh Micholi, we see the same quality treatment being given to the Gujarati culture. The sets, the locales, the cultural adaptation and the costumes add to the vibrancy of the show. One can say that the similarity between both shows ends right here.

Aankh Micholi is studded with some amazing characters. Kesar Baa is one character that will linger in the minds of viewers for a long time. The character is multi-faceted and has already shown a prominent graph from being the very affectionate and vocal mother to the brooding, angry personality that she has become with the truth coming out.

The sibling love between Sumedh and Malhaar has been depicted with utmost care. From hating the presence of the adopted son in the family to loving him, Malhaar’s character showed a 360-degree turn in the very first week towards his brother Sumedh. With them being grown up now, their bromance has been one of the positives from the show.

The story is based on the promise that Sumedh has made towards his brother Malhaar for getting him back to his mother’s house. This promise is assumed to unravel with Rukmini probably being the girl in the lives of both men. Will Sumedh sacrifice his love for Malhaar? Or will it be vice versa of that? Only time will tell.

Rukmini’s character has also been depicted with a clear mind. A girl who wanted to enjoy the pleasures of dressing up and had fairy tale dreams was forced to think differently, upon seeing her mother’s gruesome death. This path-changing incident has made Rukmini hungry to become an IPS officer, who is the ultimate justice provider. Her goal in life is to find her mother’s killer.

The contrast between Sumedh’s simple aspiration to Malhaar’s professional choice has been shown vividly. While Sumedh wants to be known as Kesar Baa’s son, Malhaar has always loved the uniform and wants to wear it one day.

The show also spreads patriotic fervour with its IPS concept and the passion of the characters to serve the Nation. Justice is delayed, not denied for sure, is also another beautiful message that is conveyed through the show.

We found the character of Dollar Seth to be very unique!! A colourful character with catchy smart-written dialogues!! He created a lasting impression for sure.

Coming to the performances, Bhakti Rathod as Kesar Baa is doing extremely well. Khushi Dubey as Rukmini comes like the fresh breath of air that the television shows wanted. Navneet Malik as Sumedh is doing a good job. Hitesh Bhardwaj is apt to play Malhaar. As said earlier, Navneet and Hitesh strike great chemistry as onscreen brothers.

Darshan Pandya needs a special mention!! Not many would have imagined him in this role of Dollar Seth. Kudos to the think-tank who wished to cast him in this role.

Jay Pathak and Mridul Kumarsinha are again apt for the roles they play.

The show is given an early screen time of 6.30 PM. It is an experiment for sure to bolster the early evening band on Star Plus. The show has been promoted to be the concept of an undercover cop. This should be an interesting story plot. Also, there is a fragment of mystery that has been indicated via the promotions. The love triangle too will further add up to the drama.

We only hope the show continues to be different in its storytelling and its plot. We have seen a lot of drama-filled love triangles and want this one to have its own identity with respect to genre.

We credit the show with 4 stars out of 5.