IWMBuzz.com reviews the Star Plus show Titlie. The show is produced by Story Square Productions. It has Neha Solanki, Avinash Mishra and Vatsal Sheth as leads.

Review of Star Plus’ Titlie: A twisted tale of love with an impressive cast

Titlie the new presentation on Star Plus coming from Writer and Producer Ved Raj’s banner Story Square Productions, is indeed a good plot to give the viewers a twisted tale of love!! We have seen umpteen love stories wherein the boy as well as the girl, count on love!! But here in Titlie, we have a girl who aspires to a simple life where she gets her dream man and has a great life with him. However, the broad plot of Titlie is about dreams getting shattered, with the reality of the man being something different!!

Titlie, as far as we have visualized with the first week’s episodes and the ongoing promos, dwells on the physical abuse and domestic violence that women go through in marriage. They face the unexpected, when suddenly, their dreams come crashing, as the man who they look up to as Mr Perfect, is nothing close to what is assumed.

Actors Neha Solanki, Avinash Mishra and Vatsal Sheth play the leads in the show.

The story of Titlie as a child, provided goosebumps, as the kid saw her mother dying before her eyes. However, having got the upbringing from a close relative, Titlie grows up to become a confident, smart, simple girl who aspires to get her prince charming who will give her a happy life.

The story takes a turn as in comes her school senior, Rahul who is eager to marry Titlie. The alliance talk happens at a fast pace, which leaves Titlie confused. However, seeing the good nature of Rahul, Titlie is happy and looks forward to the marriage.

However, doubts about the integrity of Rahul creep up in the very first week. The audience is left stunned to know that Rahul is already a married man, and there is a big reason why the family is trapping an innocent girl like Titlie into marriage. Though the reason is kept as a mystery, the viewers might have guessed that it has to do with Rahul begetting a kid (hint coming from the fertility test that was taken).

On the other hand, we are introduced to Garv, an attorney by profession who is always shown at his aggressive best. He is a man who considers love to be just a word.

The promo that has been on, already indicates that Titlie’s life will get shattered once she marries her dream man, Garv, who is actually a person who can go to any limit to have control on his wife.

The show has already given out a lot of its broad plot, through the opening promos. We wonder whether opening up on too much of the main plot was needed, that too at a time when the show was not even launched.

Having said this, the channel and makers are open with the main concept of the show, which deals with the physical abuse and domestic violence that women are subjected to after marriage. This twisted tale of love will surely garner eyeballs.

Neha Solanki looks perfect for the role of Titlie. She has the charm and looks confident in carrying out her role. Avinash Mishra as Garv, remains a mystery as of now, when it comes to the kind of character he is!! He has been seen in some amazing action scenes as of now, which have drawn the attention of viewers.

Vatsal Sheth as Rahul, is holding on to his role well. He has the perfect look to be the man deceiving in love.

Actors Sachin Parikh, Sangeeta Kapure, Susheel Parashar and others are doing well in their roles.

What works in favour of the show is the cast and performances of the lead actors. Also, the plot of women going through an abusive marriage will pull in a lot of viewers. We again reiterate the fact that they have revealed a lot too much in the promo.

Overall, Titlie gets 3 stars out of 5.