IWMBuzz.com reviews the Star Bharat show, Pyaar ke Papad produced by Panorama Entertainment. Read here to know what to expect.

Review of Star Bharat’s Pyaar ke Papad: Effective portrayals; but overall a ‘sour’ papad that needs some spice

Star Bharat’s latest offering, Pyaar ke Papad, is a funny narration and humorous banter between a bechara damaad who is determined to win his khadus sasur’s heart and thereby get his daughter Shivika’s hand for marriage.

Produced by Panorama Entertainment, the show boasts of an interesting cast that includes Akhilendra Mishra (Trilokinath), Swarda Thigale (Shivika) and debutant Aashay Mishra (Omkar). Set in the city of Kanpur, where religious beliefs and modern relationships are finding a middle ground to happiness, this show is a rib-tickling journey of an orthodox father who decides to take fate in his own hands as his daughter falls in love with a man from another caste.

The show begins with the entry of the lead hero Omkar, who is playing Shivji on the eve of Shivratri. However, the girl who was supposed to come as Parvati doesn’t turn up. Later, the past story of the same day is shown, wherein the lead actress Shivika is introduced to the audience. She prays that she never falls in love. Omkar comes there and prays to get a nice girl. Shivika says my dilemma is because of my dad, he is the new Mahant of this temple.

Later, audiences witness the entry of Shivika’s father Trilokinath. He says nothing is equal in this world. Triloki adds salty and sugary things together to explain that people of different castes can’t be treated equally. Omkar looks on. Later, Omkar takes tea for Triloki. He upsets Triloki by taking just sugar. Triloki shouts at him. Omkar tells him that though he is motivated by him, tea, sugar and water can’t be equal; it will be good if they are in the right balance, it won’t be right according to his discrimination talks. Triloki gets angry. He calls Chaubey. He says it’s Shivratri today, we should follow the tradition, remove that board.

Omkar praises Triloki for having a big heart. Triloki tells him that he will go home, and will meet him at night in Rathyatra. He goes home. He gets angry on his other daughter Shalu for wearing torn jeans. Shivika takes the blame for her. Triloki scolds Devki.

Now, at the end of the episode, Omkar says marriage doesn’t happen just like that, the girl has to be special. Shivika comes there as Parvati. Omkar gets mesmerized seeing her. He holds her hand and gets her into the chariot. Triloki gets upset seeing her. The trustee thanks him and says your daughter has really helped us, when the girl playing Parvati didn’t come. He calls Triloki for the puja. Triloki goes for the puja. He touches Shivika and Omkar’s feet. He scolds GST and asks from which caste is this guy, playing Shiv. He gets angry and discriminates the caste once again. People praise Shiv Parvati jodi.

The first glimpse of the male lead Aashay makes you go weak in the knees with his cuteness. He is apt for the role of Omkar. Being a modern guy, he has good control over ‘shudh Hindi’ for the show. Coming to the girl Swardha, she is also doing a good job. However, veteran actor Akhilendra steals the show with his powerful acting. He is the star of the show. Trilokinath’s is a character seems like, has been made for him. From the dialogues to direction to acting, everything has been in place.

The costumes and show set up are apt for the theme of the show. However, the punches are too overdramatic. The comedy drama looks forced in certain places. Pyaar Ke Papad is a light-hearted family drama. However, urban audiences might not like the show.

Having said this, it has begun on a good note but still needs the charm to garner more eyeballs.

We, at IWMBuzz, would rate it 2/5.