Zee TV’s new show Hamariwali Good News comes as a whiff of fresh air. The channel presents a heart-warming story that captures the essence of the ever-evolving dynamics of the saas-bahu relationship in Indian society. It presents the most unique role reversal between the daughter-in-law Navya and her mother-in-law Renuka to give their family the much-awaited ‘Good News’.

All about the show:

Set in Agra, the show features the Tiwari parivaar who, like most families, are grappling with the quest for the quintessential ‘Good News’ of a tiny tot who’ll fill up their lives with joy. Only this time around, it is the Saas who rather than pressurising or berating her bahu for not being able to conceive, will go the extra mile, brush aside considerations such as age and ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ by conceiving a baby with her husband to bring the ‘Good News’ that they collectively await. After all, who better than your own family to back you up when your chips are down and there seems to be no hope. The journey of this unique Saas-Bahu relationship and the manner in which it beautifully deepens in the face of this role reversal forms the crux of Hamariwali Good News.

The show features versatile television actress Srishti Jain as Navya Tiwari, a confident and young 23-year-old married girl who teaches kindergarten kids. Popular TV actress Juhi Parmar slips into the shoes of Renuka, the mother in law who is the lifeline of the Tiwari family and manages the house the way only she can. Popular television actor Shakti Anand too is a part of the show essaying the pivotal character of Mukund, who is Renuka’s husband and Navya’s father-in-law. A grocery shop owner, known for being a miser. Raghav Tiwari plays the role of a doting husband named Aditya to Navya Tiwari.

Good Points

The show is progressive in terms of its concept, which is away from the stereotypical stories and plots. The costumes and show set up are apt for the theme. These characters smartly mouth the accent and phrases of Agra to give it a regional flavour.

Bad Points

Juhi is doing a good job as Renuka, but at times, we do feel she overacts. But then, that might be the requirement of the script. To be honest, we are not very impressed by the casting. We feel the casting of Shakti seems odd for he looks young to be playing the role of a sasur. The dialogues are too overdramatic. The drama looks forced in certain places. One bad point is that all the lead actors are experienced actors hence they have a baggage of expectations from the audiences.

Having said this, it has begun on a good note but still needs the charm to garner more eyeballs.

We, at IWMBuzz, would rate it 2/5.