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Kaun Banega Crorepati is a hot property, and this is the reason why....

Review: Sony TV’s Kaun Banega Crorepati

If there is one TV game show which the entire family can watch and enjoy, it has to be Kaun Banega Crorepati. No wonder this hugely popular game show continues to win hearts, even 17 years down the road!!

The Season 9 Promo episode went deep down memory lane, as we remembered the excitement the show has generated over the years. The enthusiasm that people carry to register indeed speaks volumes. The promo also encourages people to come and play and win, thereby proving their worth to the society.

Here, apart from the charisma and the towering personality of none other than Amitabh Bachchan, what also works are the emotions of ordinary contestants who badly need the winning dough. This time around, a whopping 7 CR!! Interestingly, the final Jackpot question has no life line support.

The current season carries forward with elan the above USP. The channel (Sony) along with the production house (Big Synergy) is nicely carrying forward its social responsibility of promoting women and girl rights. No wonder the first contestant was a female teacher from Haryana who manages to convince her mother-in-law to also change with time. She also uses innovative methods to make tables interesting enough for kids to remember. Sadly though, she failed to take home much money.

The creative team is doing a good job with proper research in place into the lives of contestants and picking up pointers for Mr. Bachchan to make interesting conversations. We liked the contestant who loves his moustache.

The best part is the human connect we have with the contestant’s journey. No wonder we feel very bad if he / she loses big time and we jump with them in joy, if they cross a landmark. Afterall, courtesy KBC, the show’s first crorepati Harshvardhan Nawathe is a hero!!

Changing with time, some rules have been altered. You can now take help from your studio friend. The show also keeps pace with Prime Minister’s digital India push, as a result of which the winning money will be directly credited to the winner’s bank account. But yes, Mr. Bachchan still signs a cheque to give the winning moments more of the formal touch. The option of playing along with a contestant using an APP will surely increase viewers’ attraction and stickiness.

We definitely feel the difficulty level around this season is tougher, so we all need to scratch our brains along with contestants. What really makes it fun is that most questions stem from happenings in the recent past, so it is fun to recollect. We are sure lot of you will be asking Google for help, alas the Hot Seat contestant can’t use this digital lifeline.

The season will further pick up steam when celebrities will come and play for their favourite causes as before. Shilpa Shetty will be among the first.

Will KBC this time around help Sony which is now going through a bad patch with The Kapil Sharma Show and Pehredaar Piya Ki going off, like it did with Star back in 2000?

Only time will tell!!

We at credit the game show KBC with 4 out of five stars!!

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