Task Evaluation in Bigg Boss 11

Arshi calls Luv, Hina’s bouncer in Bigg Boss 11

As the contestants weren’t successful in completing this week’s luxury budget task ‘Mission BB 11’, it is time for them to decide who was responsible for their failure in the task. Bigg Boss asks the gharwales to nominate two contestants who according to them were the worst performers in the luxury budget task – these will directly be sent to the ‘Kaalkothri’.

Time and again, Bigg Boss has made it clear that misbehaving in the Bigg Boss house will not be tolerated under any circumstances. But Benafsha is decidedly playing with fire! She is punished by Bigg Boss for pulling Akash’s hair when the two got into a fight the other day. Benafsha has directly been sent to jail and is nominated for next weeks’ eviction as well.

Meanwhile, the contestants have a hard time figuring the worst performers in the luxury budget task. Hina feels that Vikas should go to jail as it was his idea to get off the Bigg Boss rocket, ‘The Mastermind’ – Vikas on the other hand is angry with Hina because it was a mutual decision made by all the contestants on the rocket. In the midst of this argument, Luv and Akash get into an intense fight. Even after hours of discussion, the contestants are not able to decide on the worst performers with mutual consent. To make their task easier, Bigg Boss asks Sabyasachi, Akash and Benafsha who were declared as the best performers to together take a call on the worst performers.

As the day passes, Hina tells Mehjabi that she is purposely putting her nose in other peoples’ problems just because she is nominated and not seen on camera. Mehjabi loses her temper and gives it back to her saying that atleast she wears decent clothes unlike her. Later as the day comes to an end Arshi repeatedly calls Luv a bouncer who protects Hina all the time and instigates him. Well, it seems tempers are soaring high again in the Bigg Boss House.


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