Teri Meri Ikk Jindri the Zee TV show seems to be heading for a new zone of thrill with the entry of Avneet.

Avneet’s entry to bring in a psycho-thriller plot in Zee TV’s Teri Meri Ikk Jindri?

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri the Zee TV show produced by Prateek Sharma’s LSD Films will see the entry of Avneet Jogi Arora (Aalisha Panwar). As we know, Jogi’s (Adhvik Mahajan) marriage would have been finalized with Avneet in the past. Now, Rupa has the intention of separating Mahi (Amandeep Sidhu) from Jogi and getting Avneet back into Jogi’s life. 

The trailer of the show which depicts the entry of Avneet in Jogi’s life has been captured really well. 

By the very look at it, Avneet comes across as an obsessive lover who will bring in a new twist in the life of Jogi and Mahi. 

Also, by the first look at Avneet’s character, she seems to be quite abnormal and this will again bring in a new flavour to the plot. 

Also, we believe that the show which was in the light-hearted romantic zone will now change its main flavour to be a psycho-thriller. 

Check the trailer here and you will know what we are trying to say!!

How do you think Jogi and Mahi’s love life will change with the entry of Avneet?

We buzzed the spokesperson at the channel but did not get revert.