The Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman will see an interesting twist in the Vikas – Shilpa fights.

This weekend, mega star Salman Khan has decided to put the Vikas-Shilpa episode to rest. But before that, Salman has come up with some quirky professions that the housemates can opt for once out of the house! Keeping with everyone’s personalities, Salman has carefully handpicked these alternatives for the beloved contestants. He thinks Shilpa can be a great door-to-door salesman, while Vikas ‘The Mastermind’ can be a stock-broker. Arshi, on the other hand can endorse night gowns and audience favorite Sapna can be a recovery agent!

Getting down to business, Salman Khan has now taken it upon himself to sort the differences between Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. He asks all contestants to point out to the ‘Villain’ of the house. In a unanimous vote, Vikas has now gone from being ‘The Mastermind’ to ‘The Villain’ and is called to the katghara for questioning. He starts interrogating Vikas about his behavior in the recent past and demands for some tough answers. While he commends the tolerance of Vikas, Salman also advices him to stay strong and find ways to cope with things in the house. He goes on to clarify that Shilpa is only playing the game and that Vikas should not feel helpless and must try to sort their differences. In a moment of helplessness, Vikas breaks down in the katghara and admits that it is was wrong of him to try and escape from the house.

In final moments, Salman gives some life-lessons to Vikas and wishes him good luck for his journey ahead in the Bigg Boss House. 

Will Vikas and Shilpa finally bury the hatchet? 


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