The Enforcement Directorate (ED) summoned actor and Bigg Boss 16 contestant Shiv Thakare, along with his co-contestant Abdu Rozik, in connection with an alleged money laundering case linked to an infamous drug lord, as per reports in Hindustan Times. Shiv, known for his stint in the popular reality show, found himself embroiled in controversy as his statement was recorded by the ED as a witness in the ongoing investigation. The case revolves around alleged financial transactions involving Ali Asghar Shirazi, a reputed figure in the narco-business realm.

Reports suggest that Shirazi’s company, Hustlers’ Hospitality Pvt Ltd., had financed various startups, including ventures associated with Thakare and Rozik. Among the ventures financed by Shirazi’s company were Thakare Chai and Snacks, a food and snack brand, in which Shiv was involved. Additionally, Abdu ventured into the fast-food scene with Burgiir, a burger brand, reportedly backed by investments from Hustlers Hospitality. However, the shadow of alleged narco-funding loomed over these projects, prompting both Thakare and Rozik to terminate their contracts upon learning of Shirazi’s involvement.

During his interrogation by the ED, Shiv disclosed details of his association with Krunal Ojha, the director of Hustlers Hospitality, whom he had encountered through mutual acquaintances in 2022-23. Thakare claimed that Ojha offered him a partnership deal for Thakare Chai and Snacks, involving a significant investment from Hustlers Hospitality as per the contract terms. Abdu’s involvement in the saga adds another layer to the unfolding narrative. Despite distancing himself from Shirazi’s alleged illicit dealings, Rozik’s association with Burgiir and its financial ties to Hustlers Hospitality have raised eyebrows.