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Today being the first day of the new week, we put together the major happenings from your favourite shows over the last week.

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Anupamaa, the Star Plus show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut saw over the last week, big drama with Anupamaa eagerly looking forward to Adhya’s birthday. She decided to decorate the house for the party, and also bake the cake. Amidst this, Anupamaa had the big task of getting a five-star rating from the food critic who was due to visit the restaurant Spice and Chutney. Anupamaa worked hard for her big day. However, on the day when she served the food critic, cockroaches were found in the food, which led to negative publicity for the restaurant. Anupamaa’s name was tarnished and she faced the wrath of Yashdeep too. Anuj supported Anupamaa during her tough times. In India, Vanraj got angry at Anupamaa’s deed and did not want his family to face problems owing to Anupamaa. Adhya got angry seeing Anupamaa’s decorations for the party. She ruined the decoration.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the Star Plus show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut saw over the last week, big drama with Dadisa not waiting till Abhira went out of the house to finalize the wedding of Armaan with Ruhi. She announced the wedding and asked for the consent of both Ruhi and Armaan, in the presence of Abhira. Abhira was shaken with Armaan giving his consent. Abhira got a place to live, but she lost her job, courtesy of Sanjay’s interference. Abhira tried applying for jobs, but Sanjay made sure that Abhira did not get any job. Abhira had a financial problem with her spending all the money she had. She desperately looked for a job. On the other hand, Manish expressed his anger over the wedding decision of Armaan and Ruhi. He refused the alliance and questioned Dadisa’s intent. He told Armaan that he was not doing the right thing. He advised Ruhi too, of not making the mistake of marrying Armaan. However, eventually, Manish agreed to the alliance, and Dadisa got Armaan and Ruhi’s engagement done at Manish and Suvarna’s anniversary celebration. Abhira could not control her emotions on seeing Armaan’s engagement.

Kundali Bhagya, the Zee TV show produced by Balaji Telefilms saw over the last week, Rajveer telling Preeta the truth of joining hands with Anshuman to go against Karan. Rajveer promised Preeta that he would get Shaurya released from jail. Rajveer took the Luthras into confidence and revealed his plan to expose Anshuman. Karan was happy that Rajveer cared about him. As per Karan and Rajveer’s plan, Karan gave the file that Anshuman wanted to steal. Rajveer told Anshuman to meet him in order to get the file. Karan went to the hotel to meet Anshuman. Nidhi ruined the plan for Karan and his team, with her locking up Preeta in the washroom, thus avoiding the nabbing of Anshuman. However, Karan and Preeta joined hands and got Anshuman’s confession recorded. However, Anshuman played his game and destroyed the evidence. He also got Rajveer arrested on the wrong charge.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, the Sony SAB show produced by Neela Telefilms saw over the last week, major drama with Kurmura Kumar and his men asking the Gokuldham residents to not help Jethalal for the setting up of the lemonade stall. The society was divided with a few of them supporting Kurmura and others supporting Chana. Jetha and Taarak went on a search to find lemons. However, they managed to set up the lemonade stall. Tapu Sena felt bad for not supporting Jetha for the lemonade stall. There was tension with both the Chana and Kurmura teams fighting. When Pandey intervened to investigate, he ended up arresting Jethalal.

Doree, the Colors show produced by Jay Productions saw over the last week, big drama with Ganga getting to know about Flora’s heart disease. Pressure mounted on Ganga to accept Flora, and this was created by Pavitra. Ganga also faced the threat of losing Doree’s custody as he had not legally adopted her. He was seen pleading for Doree’s custody. Rukmini planned to kill Doree and used Flora in her plan. Ganga was worried for Doree’s safety and wanted to do the puja related to it. Mansi eventually managed to save Doree. She blamed Ganga of negligence towards Doree, after getting back his own family.

Teri Meri Doriyaann, the Star Plus show produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment saw over the last week, major drama with Angad being inebriated and carrying a gun to shoot and kill Diljeet. Sahiba and Garry went in search of Angad and tried to stop him. Sahiba, fearing the worst, agreed to marry Diljeet. This came as a good news for Diljeet. Sahiba did so in order to stop Angad from taking the law into his own hands by killing Diljeet. Sahiba and Angad later created a situation where Diljeet asked Sahiba to spend some time with Akeer and make him sleep. During the duration that she was in Diljeet’s house, Sahiba collected the hair samples of both Akeer and Diljeet. Angad and Sahiba planned to take a DNA test to prove that Diljeet was not the father of Akeer.

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