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Today being the first day of the new week, we put together the major happenings from your favourite shows over the last week.

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Anupamaa, the Star Plus show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut saw over the last week, Anupamaa getting back to India, to be a part of Dimple- Tapish’s wedding. Back home in the Shah house, Vanraj declared that he would not give entry to Anupamaa in the house. However, when Anupamaa came home, Vanraj taunted her but allowed her entry as he feared his family’s protest. Vanraj dug more into Tapish’s secret and wanted to expose him and stop the wedding. Kavya and Anupamaa sniffed something fishy about Vanraj’s behaviour and they quickly felt that it was related to the wedding. Anupamaa got a call from a lady who wanted to meet her to talk regarding Tapish. However, Anupamaa could not get in touch with the lady. As Tapish-Dimple’s pre-wedding rituals began, Anuj and Adhya made their entry. Anupamaa had a hearty reunion with her friend Devika too. During the mehendi, Adhya created a big scene when Ansh unknowingly wrote the name of Anuj on Anupamaa’s hand. Later, Adhya did the worst when she locked Pari inside the store room.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the Star Plus show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s kut saw over the last week, major drama with Abhira finally revealing her feelings of love before Armaan. Armaan was shocked to know that Abhira loved him. He wondered why she did not tell him before, and why she broke their marriage. Later, Armaan came to know that Abhira broke their marriage as she had struck a deal with Dadisa to unite Madhav and Vidya. This broke Armaan’s heart. He could not stop thinking about Abhira. Abhira, on the other hand, was continuously getting hurt, with the pre-wedding rituals. Armaan wanted to safeguard Abhira from more sorrow and removed her from the job. But he helped her indirectly by paying up for the resort work. Abhira questioned Armaan why he could not see her being hurt. Armaan slowly had the realization that he was in love with Abhira. He confronted Dadisa and asked her why she was always rude to Abhira. Dadisa realized that Armaan and Abhira were in love. Armaan went to Abhira’s house to confess his love. But since he was too drunk, he passed out before meeting Abhira.

Kundali Bhagya, the Zee TV show produced by Balaji Telefilms saw over the last week, major drama with Karan addressing Preeta as his wife, before Anshuman. Preeta, later, motivated both Shaurya and Rajveer to unite and fight Anshuman. Rajveer and Shaurya united to fight Anshuman, and made him accept his folly. Rajveer defended Shaurya during a fight with Anshuman. However, Nidhi continued to poison the mind of Shaurya against Karan and Preeta. An inebriated Shaurya questioned Karan which put him in a sorrowful state. Varun was angry that Karan was ready to give all his wealth to Anshuman. He got angry at Preeta. While Varun challenged Preeta to tell the truth to Kavya, he manipulated Kavya by apologizing to Preeta in front of her. Karan talked to Rajveer about his love for Preeta and his forced stay with Nidhi. Karan joined hands with his sons in beating up Anshuman when he talked ill about Preeta. Karan signed the property transfer papers. Anshuman accused Karan of being a murderer. Shaurya and Rajveer got angry and tore the property transfer papers.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, the Sony SAB show produced by Neela Telefilms, saw over the last week, Abdul’s busy and never-ending schedule in a day. Abdul was told by his friend that the Gokuldham residents did not value him and his work and that he remained subdued all the years. It was Abdul’s birthday. He was very excited and hoped that the men folk in Gokuldham Society congratulated him on his birthday. Abdul, was, however, very sad as he did not get wished by any of the society members. Abdul’s friend further got the opportunity to drive it in Abdul’s mind that the society people never cared for him, and only wanted his services.

Doree, the Colors show produced by Jay Productions saw over the last week, Ganga losing his custody battle of Doree. The inspection team found his home to be not conducive for living and took away the custody rights from Ganga. Ganga, who sensed losing Doree, worked beyond long hours, to make good income so that he could have the possession of Doree. Mansi accused Rukmini of having angst against female kids. Doree took the strong decision of leaving Ganga. She talked to Flora and requested her to take care of her father well. Doree met a lady who was covered by her veil, and she promised to take Doree to her biological parents. Doree came to Mansi and questioned her on being her biological mother. Anand got scared of seeing their lady’s identity.

Teri Meri Doriyaann, the Star Plus show produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment, saw over the last week, major drama resulting in the death of Sahiba. Sahiba was jailed for killing Diljeet. However, Angad got to know the presence of another gun at the premises. It was revealed to the audience that Amanpreet killed Diljeet. There was an attempt on Sahiba’s life at the jail when Arminder sent his men to kill Sahiba. Angad was captured by Arminder and his men. Angad got to know the link between Harneet and Diljeet. Sahiba who was being taken to court, was also kidnapped and brought to the place where Angad was kept. Being tied up, Angad and Sahiba confessed their love for each other. They reunited and tried to escape from the place. But Amanpreet shot Sahiba which led to her hospitalization. While Harneet’s family was arrested, Sahiba breathed her last in the hospital in the arms of Angad. A lookalike of Sahiba was introduced. The girl was trying to run away from a set of goons, who were searching for her. The Brar family got emotional before the last rites of Sahiba. Akeer got to see his mother’s dead body and cried as she was being taken. Angad laid to rest Sahiba by performing the last rites.

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