The popular Colors show will shut shop very soon...

Colors’ Thapki Pyaar Ki to go off air

Heartbreaking news for all the loyal viewers of Colors’ Thapki Pyaar Ki (SOL and Shoonya Square Productions)!!

The show which recently saw the lead Jigyasa Singh getting replaced by Hunar Hale will finally bid adieu to TV screen. It was a sad moment when Jigyasa was diagnosed with swine flu and she had to pull out of the show abruptly.

Indianwikimedia has exclusively learnt that Thapki will end on 14 July.

Well, amidst the sad news, there is certainly a happy moment for the loyal fans of the show…
And that will be with the return of Jigyasa to shoot for the culmination track.

As per a reliable source, “Jigyasa Singh, who is the original Thapki will resume shoot from 22nd of this month. She will be called wherever she is required and will help the creative team give the story a proper and fitting end.”

Furthermore, the channel will be ending the 5 PM slot with Thapki Pyaar Ki’s closure.

Unfortunately, the actors remained busy.

We buzzed Producer Dheeraj Sarna, but he remained unavailable.

Will you miss this daily on Colors? Drop your comments here…

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