Colors to shut shop the medical drama Savitri Devi College and Hospital to accommodate Internet Wala Love in its slot.

Confirmed: Colors’ Savitri Devi to end on 28 September

Colors’ Savitri Devi College and Hospital which never really boasted of great numbers, is on its way out.

According to sources, this Rashmi Sharma Production project is set to wrap up.

Yes, the channel has taken the decision to pull the show off-air.

If sources are to be believed, the reason behind pulling the plug on the show is its abysmally low ratings.

Savitri Devi, the medical drama which features Swardha Thigale and Varun Kapoor will end on 28 September. The actors have been informed about the same.

We buzzed the actors and Producer to seek a comment but they did not revert till the time of the filing of the article.

We also reached out to the channel spokesperson, but did not get response.

Yesterday, we at reported exclusively about Udaan getting a time slot change of 7 PM, while Internet Wala Love will take the slot of 6.30 PM. And today we have the confirmation on Savitri Devi College and Hospital which presently occupies the 6.30 PM slot going off air.

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