Debina Bonnerjee surprises hubby Gurmeet Choudhary with a lovely tattoo for their anniversary!

Debina Bonnerjee’s special surprise for hubby Gurmeet Choudhary on their anniversary

Actress Debina Bonnerjee and husband Gurmeet Choudhary have completed one more blissful year of marriage!

The couple who has always been labeled as the perfect jodi and has fit the #couplegoals very well has always showcased their marriage and relationship in the most classy way possible, which their well-wishers have always admired and loved them for!

On completing another year of their beautiful marriage, Debina this time has gone out of her way to surprise Gurmeet with a sweet and romantic gesture.

The actress has got herself a special tattoo on her hand with Guru’s name on it and a small heart on the side.

Speaking about this lovely gesture for their anniversary, Debina shares, “It was only during the initial years that we made an effort to give each other a surprise or a gift during our anniversary, as after that God gave us so much that we never thought about making the effort to surprise each other. Though this year I thought about something different to surprise Gurmeet with! Not something materialistic but something special which we both would cherish for the rest of our lives! And so the tattoo with his name on my hand was what I finalized on. I had honestly never thought that I would put a mark on my body that was not given by God, but for my husband who is the most integral part of my life, I decided to do this.”

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