Ayesha Kapoor the young and talented actress who has been part of music videos Tujhe Kho Diya, Roz Roz Tumko etc, will enter the Shemaroo Umang show Raazz Mahal. She will play the role of Tara from now on is what we hear. The role was earlier played by Vaidehi Nair, who has opted to quit the show.

Earlier in the day, we wrote about Vaidehi making this decision to quit the show. If you have missed reading it, you can check it here.

Exclusive: Vaidehi Nair quits Raazz Mahal; joins the cast of short film Suno Toh

Now, it will be Ayesha getting into the role in the Shemaroo Umang show.

As we know, Shemaroo’s fantasy-based show Raazz Mahal, launched amid some breath-taking VFX, has been engaging to the audiences. The show with actors Ridhiema Tiwari, Himanshu Soni, Neha Harsora playing the lead roles depicts the thrilling story of Chandralekha. She is an evil character and in her quest to become immortal, engages in activities which are dark and wicked. She is pitted against Sunaina (Neha), a pure and kind-hearted soul and eventually gets married to Adhiraj (Himanshu), the royal prince. He is an obedient and loveable person, who respects everyone but is also extremely close to Dakini.

We buzzed Ayesha but did not get through to her.

We reached out to the channel spokesperson but did not get revert till we filed the story.

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