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Take Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Yoga Tips For Good Health

Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Yoga Tips For Good Health

The International Yoga Day is here within a couple of months and our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has already started making everyone aware about the importance of yoga in keeping your body healthy and fit. From the past few years, our PM has taken the initiative of bringing people together and celebrating the International Yoga Day with a lot of enthusiasm.

To encourage everyone to participate in this program the PM has put on a note why Yoga should be an integral part of their lives. PM Modi put down some important points how Yoga is the key to one’s fitness and healthy living.

1. Yoga: More than just exercises- The PM noted down that Yoga is not merely a set of exercises.

2. Simple and Convenient- He pointed out that yoga is both, simple as well as convenient. You don’t need much equipment and a large place to perform.

3. Yoga and You- You may have reached greater heights in your professional fronts but what follows a high pressure job is high stress. Meditation and Yoga are solution to stress.

4. Healthy body creates a strong mind- If you have a strong mind and a weak mind, that isn’t going to help you. To keep your mind strong you need a strong and healthy body.

5. Yoga and a Yug [era] of happiness- It is indeed surprising how Yoga in India began almost thousands of years ago and has now become one of the most effective and popular forms that keeps your body healthy. Almost all people around the world are now seen to be practicing Yoga as their daily routine.

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