The last few days were quite difficult for Sunil Grover fans, especially after they heard that the talented comedian suffered a heart attack and got 4 bypass surgeries done. There was a sense of relief when Sunil got discharged and he himself shared an update about his health. But guess what folks? Even his ex-colleague Kapil Sharma was extremely worried after hearing his condition.

During a conversation with E-Times, Kapil Sharma was quoted as saying,

“I was totally shocked and I am extremely concerned about Sunil’s health. I had sent him a message but obviously he just got discharged yesterday, so I can’t expect a message back from him. He had to undergo a heart surgery at a very young age, but he will be fine soon. I have inquired about his health from our common friends. Working in the industry for such a long time, we have many friends and they regularly update me about his well-being and health.”

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