Shaheer Sheikh is much loved in Indonesia and we tell you why.

Why Are Indonesians So Obsessed With Shaheer Sheikh?

Shaheer Sheikh who is a big name in the Indian TV circuit is a huge celebrity in the land of Indonesia. To tell you the fact, Shaheer rules the roost out there and is in fact known as SRK of Indonesia.

Shaheer is loved a lot and his fan following keeps on adding with every passing day in Indonesia. His warmth and love for the country and the fans out there are also very pleasing.

Shaheer is a celebrity in Indonesia we say because he was actually the torchbearer in the Asian Games 2018 which represented India and Indonesia.

Shaheer’s Mahabharat made him the star he is in Indonesia. His shows in Indonesia, Panah Asmara Arjun, Cinta di Langit Taj Mahal, Asia’s Hot Talent, Malaikat Kecil Dari India, Roro Jonggrang, Aladin and Alakadam, Jinny Oh Jinny Datang Lagi, Gara Gara Duyung, Tuyul & Mba Yul Reborn, Malaikat Tak Bersayap have only catapulted him to the top of success in Indonesia.

Presently he is part of the show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke. But we have to accept that he has gotten a big chunk of work in Indonesia. And that shows the love he has got from that place!!

Are you also obsessed over Shaheer Sheikh’s Indonesia love?

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