‘Injured’ Srishti Jain to shoot a high-impact stunt sequence in Star Plus’ Meri Durga

Star Plus’ Meri Durga will have a huge stunt sequence wherein Durga will race a truck!! However, there is a twist in the tale with respect to the actress’ fitness level. Read for details.

‘Injured’ Srishti Jain to shoot a high-impact stunt sequence in Star Plus’ Meri Durga

Star Plus’ Meri Durga (Paperback Films, helmed by Ravindra Gautam and Pradeep Kumar) will give its loyal viewers an edge-of-the seat drama with some nail-biting stunts!!

Yes, you heard it right!!

The protagonist of the show, Durga (Srishti Jain) will be seen performing a near-to-death stunt sequence wherein she will decide to race a truck!!


As per the ongoing track, Durga has lost the opportunity to battle it out in the district level 400 meters race!! Now, she will think of regaining the lost opportunity by achieving the uphill task of getting back into the race as a WILD CARD entry!!

For that, she will try to meet concerned officials who will not pay heed to her request. Hence the daring girl will decide to catch the notice of one and all by being part of a stunt sequence that is actually a death-trap.

We hear that the shoot for this particular stunt sequence will happen at a huge scale, at Vasai at the same place wherein the Diya Aur Baati Hum team shot the runway sequence!!

So what is so dangerous about this stunt?

As per sources, “Durga will claim to run faster than a speeding truck!! But this is not it!! She will challenge to run exactly opposite to the truck’s movement, with both the truck and Durga expected to come face to face at a crucial intersection of the road. This will only mean that if Durga does not run faster than the truck, she will come in front of the speeding truck and lose her life!!”


Will Durga be successful in this daring stunt?

While the makers have decided to shoot this sequence at a grand scale, they have a slight hitch!! The lead girl, Srishti Jain who essays the role of Durga carries a ligament tear on her leg, as a result of which she has been putting up a limp for the last few days.

As per sources, “Srishti twisted her leg few days back and ignored the pain. Owing to the continuous pressure on her leg, she has now suffered a ligament tear. She has been advised by the doctors to even use a stick as support. However, her zeal to shoot this sequence is high and she is trying hard to get fit to shoot the stunt sequence.”

If sources are to be believed, the high-action stunt sequence will be shot in three days time!!

When contacted, Producer Ravindra Gautam confirmed the news saying, “Yes, this will be a major stunt sequence in Meri Durga wherein Durga will want to get back to the district level race through a wild card entry. She will now race a truck, and will have to clock her timing to lesser than 51 seconds to win the race, failing which she will be hit by the truck.”

Talking about her injury and the bad timing, the Producer told IndianWikiMedia.com, “Yes, it is true that Srishti has suffered a ligament tear. But this does not lessen the spirit of the girl. We are lucky to have got such a dedicated actor playing Durga. In fact, we had the option of postponing the race owing to her injury but Srishti asked us not to postpose it. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the shoot.”

IndianWikiMedia.com also connected to Srishti who told us, “Yes, this is a huge opportunity for me considering the fact that I have always been very athletic in real life. If I would have been normal being completely fit I would have shot the entire sequence myself. But now with the ligament tear, I really have my fingers crossed. I am trying hard to gain full fitness before the shoot happens. However, certain things are not under our control. I will want to shoot the main chunk of the sequence myself. I hope I can do it.”

Srishti, your level of dedication is appreciated!! Wish you and the entire team of Meri Durga all the very best for the important shoot sequence!!


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