Kajol Srivastava of Ashoka and Simar fame get to the pink of her health post a setback.

Kajol Srivastava ‘springs back’ to health post surgery

Kajol Srivastava known for her portrayals in the Colors shows Chakravarthin Ashoka and Sasural Simar Ka recently underwent a surgery on her right big toe!!

The actress had been feeling uncomfortable in the leg for quite some time now. While she was shooting for a particular scene in Ashoka where she had to run through in a jungle, she got pierced in the right toe with something sharp, a piece of which literally went through her skin and stayed inside.

Though Kajol used to have regular pain in her toe, she neglected the entire symptom and braved through her stint in Sasural Simar Ka.

Post her exit from Simar, her pain got worse and that was when the doctors advised surgery whenever she had time on hand.

Kajol who got busy with her sister’s marriage recently, had to wait for all the celebratory mood to wrap up at her home.

Recently, she underwent the surgery on her toe which included a bed rest for 20 days.

Says Kajol, “I am glad that I have gone past the prolonged pain and discomfort. I knew about this problem for quite some time. Since I was free I went through with the surgery. I am now out of my bed and back to driving. However, I need to cover my toe with shoes when I am out. At home too, I need to wear socks to protect the area.”

On the work front, Kajol avers, “I am back to shape now. I will look for a new project and I am rearing to go.”

Speedy recovery to you, Kajol!!

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